Heat Map Stories! (WaniKani Activity Chart)


Seeing how colorful mine looks, with only rarely hitting the darkest, looks good to me! =D


I am fairly consistent in doing fairly little


Slow and steady wins the race :wink:


I think that you chose appropriate intervals. Less than 50 reviews is a light day. The next big jump in time is around 100 reviews. … More than 400 is crunch time.


New kid on the block, but I haven’t skipped a day yet. January was a pretty solid month so I’m hoping to continue that into February!


August/September 2017: super stressful time at work, not a lot of sleep, no free time, had to enable vacation mode

November 2017, March 2018, November 2018: Japan :sunny:

July 2018: I had no idea I had such a bad month until I saw the heat map. I’m guessing it was the July JLPT that stressed me out and I needed time to get back into it. Or something else happened and I’m repressing the memory of it.

September - November 2018: Trying to get from N5 to N4 in that time while being busy at work.
I wonder what I was thinking on that one day in October where I tried to do some reviews and then immediately was like “nope” again.

December 2018: Getting back into WaniKani after my JLPT break. It was not fun.

Currently: trying to get to N3 in July but also motivated to keep up with WaniKani so that I can get to level 60 soon and move on to other things. Second week of January I went on a business trip and it is interesting how you see even that on the heat map.


Oooooh, it’s fun to look at. I can really see when I used to do all my lessons when they got available, as it created big dips in reviews just before I guru’d items, and huge spikes just after.
Pretty much clockwork too… It feels satisfying to look at January, May and (to some extend) June/July 2018. Also interesting to see how much more uniform things got when I started to spread lessons equally throughout the week :slight_smile: (Also, my highest review count in a day is 485)


The story here is one of a girl who casually reviewed WK when she remembered to, only doing new lessons when she was certain that the previous ones sank in completely.

Then she discovered the forums. And the speed junkies leveling up in 7ish days each level. And the WK stats:

Here you can see how slowly I went at the begining… But after seeing this my pride was hurt and I had to speed up! Now I review whenever I have time and do my lessons asap. And while still low level I already know so many kanji in just 6 months! And even though I’m going much faster than originally I’m still retaining most of the new information. It’s so much fun to know and actually be able to read so many kanji already!

Bottom line: thank you forum people for motivating me to study kanji way more efficiently <3


There was a really busy week in August and I had to clear all review items in the week after that. :rofl:
There were 542 items on August 28, 2018. :open_mouth:

Nice script, @Kumirei!


Awesome script! I really like it!

Mine’s not a good example for the past two months, however :sweat_smile:



Wow, as other as posted, WK have been such big part of my life last year that I can trace fairly well what happened just by looking at the heatmap ! And the most emotional moments are all always hidden behind the little blank day. May 19, I got married (and still manage to do 6 reviews wtf) and September 8, I moved to Japan… なつかしい. Thanks for the script @kumirei !


pretty consistent I would say.


sometimes I do them after 12AM. Had to make up all those reviews from October-December.



Didn’t really care or commit (or remember I made the account back in April) across the first level or two, but by ~level 3 in late July I decided to really actually use the site. Missed two days in August due lack of service during vacation, but haven’t missed a single day otherwise :slight_smile:
Jan 1 was close though… only did 1



Yeah I think this one speaks for itself…


Waaa~ Thanks クミ先輩!

Eh … I made an account in February, got completely put off by the price (you know being a broke 13-year-old and all) and came back in May when I had enough money. Doesn’t really show in the image but I started really struggling in September when school started again. January was a bit of a struggle as well … that cluster of yellow is when my reviews just exploded. It’s a daily battle to keep my count beneath 1000 since then :sweat_smile: Also just what the hell was I doing on November 14 and January 25 >:O How dare those white boxes break the combo.
(Current status: 266 lessons and 884 reviews. I’m alive though so that’s a win)


I missed 2 days total (didnt have internet)^^. Also I have a lot more dark green than others as far as I can see, am I just making too many mistakes and have way too many reviews? o.o


I think you’re just levelling pretty fast. :wink: