Heat Map Stories! (WaniKani Activity Chart)


@kumirei has made this awesome script: [Userscript] Wanikani Heatmap

It gives you a map of your activity! =D

Share you map and tell us your story about your activity (or let it speak for itself if you prefer =^_^= )

[Userscript] Wanikani Heatmap

Current colors used (though I constantly tweak and change it :rofl: )

Older versions



Story time! 2017- December. I fell ill, and wasn’t able to concentrate on reviews. But was hocked on leveling so kept doing level up items. You can see the downfall O_o
I was never able to catch up on my vocabs (neither reviews nor lessons)

2018 - July. Reset! All the way back to 1 (I needed a fresh start)
This time with a focus on having the coveted 0/0 each level (more if possible)
I have a 27/27 streak going!

Mid August I had a visitor, who stayed for about a month. I kept doing reviews, but no lessons (much better idea :rofl: ) And this can be seen slightly =)

2018- December, I took a similar break to not get swamped over the holidays. Worth it! Kept doing reviews only, but with no lessons there where less and less reviews!

I will do a few more of these on purpose, just get the workload down before continuing going full speed =)

Decided to include my level up chart;

Reset June 28th.
Had a visitor in August/September (stopped doing lessons on lvl 8, but kept doing reviews)
Took a break in December (stopped doing lessons on lvl 23, but kept doing reviews)


I, uh… I think you really want to correct that spelling error in the post title. :stuck_out_tongue:


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What error :wink:
Thanks! Don’t get “red lines” on titles :rofl:


so little bright tiles… right ?

:heart: @Kumirei san


That looks actually more consistent than I thought. :slight_smile: Only thing that really sticks out is a week in may 2018, where I used vacation mode because… I went on a vacation believe it or not. :stuck_out_tongue: It also shows that while my progress isn’t that fast any more, it’s become much more consistent lately. I mean look at that December 2018!


Gaps are vacation time and recover-from-vacation-while-still-in-vacation-mode time…


Wow!! You managed to get all same color for an entire month! That IS impressive! =D
The months around are almost same color too, just one color of in a few days. That sure is consistent! =D

Jupp, in August 2017 I have 1 whole week of same color… That is the ONLY whole week I found! So wow, very impressed!


I am so disappointed that I can’t get this script to work yet. Anything that uses the open framework gives me a couple of weeks of grief until I can get them running.


Only two days where I didn’t do any reviews, due to being sick :stuck_out_tongue:

You can also really nicely see that the workload is highest in the middle of the journey and slowly goes down towards the end!


Very nice and consistent too! =D

I wonder, I love dark mode on the forum, but how do you get it on the dashboard? Is it official or userscript? (I need it! D= )


It’s this one:


How is this for consistency perseverance?


It worked even without reloading after installing! =D
Not a big fan of changing the colors, have to get used to the new ones (what is apprentice, guru ++)
Hm, I do like the colors they chose though, so seems easy enough. Thanks a bunch! =D


Just had a big long vacation? =P
Seems fairly consistent since you started again though, that is what matters! =D


You are all making me look bad. I should steal one of your screenshots for the script thread

I’ll have you know I was very consistent the first half of 2017… I promise


There were vacations :sailboat:… but last year in august I went on holiday without activating vacation mode. I had a nice horrifying pile of reviews when I managed to get access to Wanikani.

It’s really cool how this script allowed me to check it: 493 items on August 8, 2018. That’s a train ride back from vacation I can remember!


It might be nice to have a few so people can see the difference =)
You are free to use mine if you wish. (normal colored one can be found on original thread =P )


Oh I meant to ask you guys! How do you feel about the intervals? I chose 0, 1-50, 50-100, 100-200, 200-400, 400< pretty arbitrarily