Hearing accessibility 🤭

Im hard of hearing but not deaf lol (yes i still get listening practice)

For some reason my hearing aids arent compatible with this site on my phone. my computer, work computer, and pc are all fine.

For reference i use an iphone 13 and my hearing aids are bluetooth compatible. I can use them is some social medias but not all . i use wanikani on safari.

(pls no “ask for a script” people this is just feedback and i hope it gets fixed, im getting cochlears next year so it wont matter for me, just for other deaf people in the same situation :slight_smile:)


Just to clarify, did you mean the community site or the main Wanikani site?

Both. idk why it worked with my old iphone 7

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So I’m not entirely sure how hearing aids work, much less on an electronic, I assume they’re something like earphones?

When using wanikani on mobile I’d say you should try using an app, so I’m on android so I’m not sure the apple equivalent, but I think it’s Tsurukame, try using that, it may fix your problem. Usually desktop sites don’t work well on mobile.


Hard of Hearing person here… :woman_standing:
Yeah, I tried listening. Mine is compatible with the computer, but my ears cannot pick it up. For real, I could hear anime or Japanese drama with familiar sounds, but it is remembered muddily. Though, it doesn’t count for all DHH. Good luck on the study!

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Well, it works with my hearing aids, but I’ve got an iPhone 8 plus. Pondering if this is a 13 issue rather than a WaniKani issue. (Though if it is a WaniKani issue, it’s definitely something that needs to be fixed, and not a “try this other app” type solution.)

I’m honestly not entirely sure. Hearing aids are paired via the Accessibility settings rather than via plain old Bluetooth settings, but in actual operation, I imagine they’d at least be fairly similar?


I have been hard of hearing all my life but never bothered me enough to get hearing aids. Recently I downloaded IKnow on my iPad for Core5000. I was blown away by the great quality of sound… I could actually hear really well! Usually it’s difficult for me to distinguish vowels, but whatever their secret, I Know has amazing sound quality.

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Not suggesting as a permanent fix, but could you try downloading another browser on your iPhone just to see if it’s limited to Safari on your phone or happens in all browsers?


Supposedly there’s also a way to “Choose whether call audio and media audio are routed to the hearing device” in the Settings > Accessibility > Hearing Devices > MFi Hearing Devices menu, and it’s possible that’s a per-app setting (just taking this from the Apple Support page as I have neither an iPhone nor a hearing device to test with, unfortunately)


I thought I was managing just fine with hearing aids, and it wasn’t until I started watching TV with the subtitles on that I suddenly realised just how much effort I had been putting into just plain hearing the dialogue.

Also, you may not be bothered, but how about the people around you who have to say everything twice? :stuck_out_tongue:


Mine use both Bluetooth and accessibility. Reading these comments I’m pretty sure it has something to do with my phone…

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I had an exceptionally great talent at lip reading so I didn’t get my first pair of hearing aids until… this year haha. They noticed at 11 though when I thought the fire alarm at school was someone’s toy


I didn’t think I had any talent at lip reading until 2020 rolled around and suddenly I couldn’t see anyone’s lips any more. Turns out I rely a lot more on lip reading than I thought, even with the hearing aids.


Of course you are right!
My husband has become deafer than me so we actually have to have close conversations instead of yelling from the other side of the house. We live at the edge of a national forest, so as long as I can hear and listen to owls ‘Whoo whooing’ and coyotes singing, I feel I can hear just right.
One on one I can hear okay. Now I do agree it would be great to actually pay attention to the dialogue of j dramas and not just read subtitles!



Aaaa cute! !!

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