Health issues from using wanikani

In my case the main problem was twisting my wrist sideways and hitting the enter key twice with my pinky for every card.
I stopped having issues after I started making sure to move my arm instead of bending my wrist sideways. I also found it helpful to try hitting the enter key with my ring finger instead of pinky.


I think if you think that the reciews are the problem then that is the case, you know your body best!

But because other people doesn’t seem to have the same issue it might be related to how you type when doing reviews.

I realized that in the beginning making a mistake really stressed me out a lot and I used a lot of unnecessary force typing. Now I think mistakes are a part of the process and since than I relax more when typing and always take a little rest in between words.

There was a time when my fingers hurt a lot about two months ago which is strange because I used to draw CAD for many hours when I was working without any major problems.

Maybe you can try to relax more while typing reviews? Just using one finger or something like that…


If you do some of your reviews on your computer and some on your phone, you’d be using different fingers and angles, putting different stresses on your arms. You could try that for a while. But yeah, it’s probably not the WK specifically, but the combination of everything you are doing with keyboards and other input devices during the day. Best of luck–it can be a bit of detective work to figure out what works for you! What solves it for one person may not help someone else, but keep trying.

Oh god, ergonomics is one of those things you roll your eyes at when you are in your early twenties, and then your late twenties hit and suddenly you have lots of opinions about screen heights and ergonomic chairs, lol. Seriously though, a good set up can make a world of difference.

The piano video above is definitely useful: move your arm, not just your fingers. I might also be useful to see if there are any particular key combos that are painful (both in Wanikani and other computer uses). Do you have twist your wrists to do them? If so, most application let you change keyboard shortcuts in settings. Otherwise, you can do things that are even more dramatic and re-bind things on a system wide level. My partner who is a programmer has been playing around with re-binding caps lock with things that are more useful to avoid some awkward combinations.

One thing that I learned last year was that apparently the average desk height is suitable for someone is about six feet tall - not ideal as that is taller than both the average woman and men! Having your keyboard too high will seriously mess with your wrists and elbows. You want your elbows to be at a 90 degree angle when typing, which will help prevent any weird twisting from happening.

You can just boost your chair height to compensation, which will help, but if you are short like me, then that will leave you with dangling feet unless you have a foot rest. I have found that a cheap option to address that situation is a keyboard tray: yes, they are un-cool. But they cost about 50$, which is much cheaper than something like an adjustable standing desk, and they usually have an integrated wrist rest. Oh and I like that it frees up space at my desk by moving my keyboard and mouse to under the desk.

Most also allow you to adjust the title of the tray which can make a difference as well. I am a big proponent of negative keyboard tilt, or least neutral - it means that you are not flexing your wrists upwards. If your keyboard already has a positive tilt, you can at least get it flat by compensating with the tray tilted. YMMV.

If you are using a laptop, a laptop stand + keyboard is a god send for preventing neck injuries (stack of books can also work). Basically, if you have to constantly look down at your screen, your neck will eventually hate you. Laptop stands solve that problem. I bought the cheapest amazon basics one you can get and would buy again (if you are taller, it might be too short though - Puts the laptop at about the same height as a standard monitor, so if that works for you, then its good). Laptop stands also work nicely with external monitors, as they put them at roughly the same height and you can tuck a docking station behind them.


Brilliant video. I had been typing for so long before learning piano so I used that finger strength as kind of a crutch for a long time. It wasn’t until we got a decent piano that had weighted keys and I could feel the fatigue set in and had to adjust like he talks about in the video.

It gets worse in your early 40s. :wink::joy:


FWIW, here’s a link to a short “how-to” article with a nice diagram by Mayo Clinic on office ergonomics:


Typing with one hand on my phone definitely started causing pain for me. Phones are too big now to use comfortably with one hand. I was using my pinky to help support the phone, and my pinky started to get bad. Since I switched to a two-handed technique, it’s been fine. Well, that is except for when I had to slow down on Guilty Gear for a bit because my left wrist was hurting from the directional inputs over hours of play.

Also, I do my reviews with Tsurukame as they come up during the day. It generally means I do about 5 minutes every hour for a good chunk of the day, which limits the stress on my hands.

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I had to use a brace for a while due to wrist pain from WaniKani.
I didn’t have the best position and was doing lots and lots and lots of reviews at the time. But it was more due to the bad posture than number of reviews. I can do same amount now without issue, after fixing my computer area to be more ergonomic.

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For me, lifting weights (not wrist specific exercises or anything like that) helps keep any of those nagging pains at bay. I’ve had tendonitis inflamed feeling in my hands and wrists before but when I start working out again it goes away.

Same thing happened to me, except mine was called TikTok wrist. Took a break and it got better