Having trouble with extensions (incl Lesson User Synonyms)

Okay, so I’m having issues with some of my extensions. I have like 13 or something, so I’ve already forgotten which ones, but Lesson User Synonyms is essential to me.

I’ll use the rikaichan, the example sentences API, and I think one other one to add my synonyms during lessons. That’s the time I most need to learn them and add them (especially if I already know them as something else.)


I think Homophone Explorer is also not working, though I’m not sure.

That actually might be it for what’s not working. But the lesson one is the big one, obviously.

Which version of the lesson user script are you using? There was an old one that stopped working months ago so I made a new one.

If you are using that new one: is there an error in yout browser console? And if you enable only one script at a time, are they still broken?


Thank you so much!

Looks like I really need to go through the API master list again since it’s been over half a year since the last time I did and it looks like a lot’s changed (including one long-broken API being renewed by a different user finally, yay!)

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