Having trouble translating an otherwise simple sentence

So I’m trying to translate a pseudo-autobiography (read: it’s the author’s anniversary so they wrote a 17 part essay) and I’m having trouble translating a specific part. The title doesn’t seem to translate well and I can’t make heads or tales of it but I think it’s supposed to read “supplement - who is the intended reader” given the context of the page itself but it’s getting translated by different sites as “supplement - what criteria do you use to select your work”.

The original sentence is “補足、読者さんはどんな基準で作品を選ぶの?”
The page source is 鎌池和馬の一〇年分の構造 補足、読者さんはどんな基準で作品を選ぶの? | 鎌池和馬 OFFICIAL WEBSITE 1PAGE

Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!

補足 – Addendum
読者さんは – (When it comes to) readers
どんな基準で – by which standard
作品を選ぶの? – [do they] choose/select a work?

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Well I figured something like that when taking the keywords individually :sweat_smile:. But I’m still not entirely sure what the question is. Is it asking what elements of your (the writer’s) story do your readers deem important or something like that?

The text is about how readers decide to buy a book, meaning what they base their decision on. Besides the price, there is the title, cover illustration, short description in the obi, in the magazines, etc.


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