Having difficulty with grammar

Genki I + Genki II are pretty great for building a grammar foundation and takes you up to ~N4 level (I recommend getting the accompanying workbooks too for practice)

After that there’s Tobira, which is a good intermediate textbook, and if you’re looking to follow a more JLPT-oriented learning path you can check out the Shin Kanzen Master series which covers N4-N1 (N4 , N3 , N2 , N1) <–the ones I linked are for the grammar books, there are additional, separate books for listening comprehension, reading comprehension, etc, if you’re interested in those there are bundles available as well (N4 bundle, N3 bundle, N2 bundle, N1 bundle)

There’s also Bunpro which is a new SRS site good for reinforcing grammar points and it’s all broken down by JLPT level – it’s subscription-based, but you can try it free for a month to see if it’s something you’d be interested in ^^

And of course, I definitely recommend to start reading easier Japanese material to reinforce the grammar (and kanji!) you learn in context, sooner rather than later once you’re more comfortable with Japanese :slightly_smiling_face: maybe some easier things like NHK Easy News articles for example, Satori Reader, easy manga, etc.

Alright I think that’s all for now, がんばってね ! :crabigator::sparkles: