Haven't succeeded at Wanikani yet, but I'm trying again

Finding a friend to help motivate each other is such a good thing! I had such a motivation boost after making friends with people here on WK and they continue to be a huge motivator for keeping me going this time around, as well. And aiming for a concrete goal like that is a good idea, too! I should probably do something similar…

This is exactly what happens, tbh. It just…drifts away and it’s so hard to get back, but Wanikani keeps pulling me back in, too. Here’s to making progress and seeing that progress. May we both eventually reach the light at the end of that tunnel.


So much sympathy for your struggles. After 10+ years of hard study, I was fortunate enough to worm my way into a career using Japanese full-time, and on occasion I still feel like I’m hitting my head against a brick wall. Sometimes Japanese seems not rewarding at all and I wish I hadn’t devoted my life to it. As I often say, it’s a lotta squeeze for not a lotta juice.

But sometimes it is extremely rewarding, as you’ve experienced, so I hope you’ll continue to have experiences like that. And when WK gets you down, it’s worth remembering that the writing system is the absolute worst part of the language, and if you’re studying casually/on your own, it’s completely okay not to grind yourself to a pulp over it. I’ve met people who could speak Japanese well enough to enjoy themselves, while being functionally illiterate. They seemed pretty happy.


“I am absolute shit at self-accountability”. I was laughing so hard.
That`s a perfect description of my character and my lifetime struggle :slight_smile: I can really feel your pain.
But obviously we are both optimists and still belive in ourselves. So you can make it!


I feel this thread. Got me curious what my heatmap looked like; apparently I got up to level 40 before I reset. I don’t even remember being that high, thought I was mid 20s or something :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. Guess that shows how bad my memory is these days, and probably why I ended up going the RE:Zero route.

At this point I’ve pretty much accepted that I’ll be slogging through Japanese learning without any real payoff for a long time. After doing more grammar I can recognize more parts of sentences, and it feels like I’m so close to comprehension sometimes, but throw me in a situation where I have to understand or speak Japanese without translation and I still am useless. All in due time, and I’m sure there’s things I should be doing that I’m not.


I only got as far as lvl 17 before resetting, but our maps are somewhat similar:

Those do look strikingly similar. Was there anything that triggered your empty months?

It would be interesting if the heatmap could show percent reviews correct, because I think that would be much more telling of how my heatmap was devolving towards the end before I reset. Continually getting sub 60% correct was a big indicator that it was time to reset for me.

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Burnouts - the solid darker chunk at the beginning of 2018 was me taking on new material faster than my memory could handle, which inevitably overwhelmed me and lead to my reset when I came back. I also had had medication-induced debilitating anxiety since before I started WK contributing to my propensity to get overwhelmed. I came off that in March this year, so here’s hoping I don’t need anymore huge chunks of time off.

Almost a month later and I’ve only stumbled a few times in doing at least some reviews daily. We’re going to ignore my level up speed for now because lessons have been slow, but I am doing them.


With any luck, I’ll make it back to level 11 before the end of the month and get to start despairing of ever catching up on vocab lessons again, but I’m mostly just glad to still be here.


You got this!

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I sure hope so, lmao! Also, nice to see you’re still around, too!