Haven't been doing reviews for about a week due to war in Ukraine

I’ve always been doing my reviews so diligently, always ending a day with zero reviews in queue. It took a literal war for me to stop [pause] doing WaniKani. Now I have pile of almost 400. Sigh.


Sorry to hear about that, I know the war is affecting people in different ways, but it’s just now that I’m beginning to understand the weight of this war. Praying you stay strong!


I’m sure the crabigator forgives you. Sending my hopes and well-wishes to all Ukrainians. Stay safe!


I’m sorry to hear about this.
If possible, put wanikani on vacation mode so your reviews don’t pile up and you don’t get overwhelmed once you are safe to continue studying.
I hope you and your loved ones stay safe :heart:


Most countries are stuck in a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation exactly because Russia has nuclear weapons. There is not going to be a good solution to this. Everybody loses. Except those who sell weapons, they get rich.


I am so in awe of the courage the Ukranians are showing! Their bravery is astounding! Stay safe, all Ukranians!


I had a terrible dream last night I was hiding from aircraft running around Kyiv on the ground.It seems just as see light of ending pandemic, we are headed to something worse.


Living in Vienna - fairly close but not really too close - I do feel kinda queasy about this situation and occasionally I dream of war and mushroom clouds. Very not good. I manage by just stopping to think about it, because I can’t do much anyway.

Of course I feel bad for the people of Ukraine but also for the people of Russia, who now unwillingly must pay the price of their leader’s actions.

edit: I feel bad for the people of Ukraine and the russian protesters.

Everything about this sucks.


Some leaders are desperately doing things to stop democracy from emerging in former dictatorships. That was probably the biggest threat from Ukraine.
As I am living in one of the non NATO countries in Europe I am a bit worried if I might be in the target area if he decides to throw nukes around him. Not the capital or biggest city in the country but a decent target for demonstration purposes.
The people of Ukraine are brave (and have to be), and I really hope they will be able to defend their country and their right of free speech, and that this will result in the end of P**n and his gang.
And I hope we others will be able to support the refugees and people as good as possible.

Second that!

Note: I was about to write “the mad man”, but it might have been too political


Hello there.
Maybe, as other suggested, you should put your Wanikani on vacation mode. It’s okay to take a break, especially in such a difficult situation. But, if you really want to keep going, think about Wanikani as a break from this situation (if it’s possible…). Everyday, when I hear about the situation I feel so sad for the populations who did absolutely nothing and have to suffer from one man’s decisions…
Please, stay safe and take good care of you.


I stopped doing my reviews in August 2020 for four month. We were having the most massive antigovernment protests in the history of Belarus. Protest were put down with extreme brutality, with killing of dozens of innocent people, imprisonment of thousands and with tortures which were translated on the state TV.

Putin has seized this opportunity to occupy Belarus and use its territory as a staging area for invasion. This is a slap in the face for all the Belarusian people since many of us have close ties to Ukraine. I personally have visited Kyiv and Lviv many times, made a lot of friends there. Now these people see me as a Belarusian aggressor. I haven’t been able to properly sleep, eat or just talk to people for the last week. I feel guilty, I feel ashamed, I feel furious, and I check online status of my Ukrainian friends like every 5 five minutes.

However, I sit down and do my reviews every morning. And at this time, I totally forget about everything else. It’s magical, and I’m grateful to Wanikani for providing this sort of psychological shelter to me.

There are moments when your life just stops, and you just can’t move on. This will pass. The war will be over. Ukraine will be free. Good will conquer evil, and if I didn’t believe it, I would probably stop functioning like two years ago.


It’s doubleplusungood


De tout cœur avec vous. Liberté, égalité, fraternité !


Thanks a lot for sharing your story! I hope that you´ll get better soon. Your doing your part by telling us about how at the very least some belarusians view this. Always important to separate government and the people, especially in athoritarian countries, as you described.

Also it´s the very same for me with japanese providing a kind of shelter. I´s mesmerizing how you can immerse yourself so completely, be it by doing reviews or watching raw anime/youtube, that you just forget about everything else.


Thank you. I thought that Belarusian people explicitly showed back in 2020 that we don’t want this government. The independent sources estimated Lukashenko’s rating appr. as 25% before the election, and now it must be much lower. But the world seems to have forgotten about what was going on back there. My friends from Poland and Germany who fled there report that they are sometimes being treated like they are Lukashenko supporters and aggressors while the whole reason for them residing abroad is that they are totally not.

Despite the terror and repressions, thousand of Belarusians went on anti-war rally last Sunday. 800 people were arrested. Some of them got to prison, some of them got to hospital (local riot police loves to beat people senseless). And when you think of belarusian prison, you actually think of a torture chamber.


And one more thing about the main question. You can use vacation mode to stop your pile from growing, and unlock just to do reviews. This will make it easier to tackle all those reviews but at the same time I think it will stop time in the SRS so the system will see it like you have done 400 reviews in one day, and then give you lots of reviews later. But it will lighten your burden of reviews right now.

And for the studying Japanese as whole. It has also been good for my brain and peace of mind as others also say.


That is common. It is easier to point out the people of a whole country than their government. I don’t really know why human minds work that way. But the “us” and “them” thinking must have been good for us 100 000 years ago or so.
And when it is obvious that they fled the government, how could anybody think they are guilty of the war?
The scary part is that some people will do anything to defend their state of power, and act like a scared rat in a corner. And, they have in fact everything to loose. If they loose their position they will probably be found guilty of a lots of crimes.


Hope you’ll pull through this. Put WK on vacation and focus on more urgent and important things for you right now. Sending my prayers to you.


Wanikani is my little daily escape too (the more frequently the reviews pop up, the better!) So much love for this site :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Please stay safe everyone :heart: Praying that this war comes to an end as soon as possible. It’s sickening :pensive:


As a European, I’m sorry we didn’t do anything to help you guys back then (and now) :heart: