Have you leveled up in February? We need your help

Yeah, they look fun ! kinda wish people would post the complete emails in the spreadsheet, not just the secret part. :grin:

I’m already looking skyward for a bolt of lightning from the Crabigator, and seanblue points at me and says something like this :grin:

I’m missing the email from 60, so whoever posted that one, I’d love to get a copy.
Any posted full emails should have spoiler tags, though, so everyone who wants to can enjoy them as they progress.


Here you go:


P.S. If you never log out or log in from a new device you’ll stay level 60 on the forums. They really should add a gold outline on the badge for people that made it to 60 and reset.


I’d also love to see the Golden Burn styling added permanently. It’s so pretty! I miss it when I’m on my tablet.


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Do you have that script posted anywhere?

Does it just display that for you or for any level 60? And does it auto-update the badge when new posts load? If yes to both, I’d love to use it as a base to build a script to outline people’s badges if they reached level 60. Though now that I think about it, I have no way of finding out if someone was formerly level 60. :slightly_frowning_face:

It’s for all Level 60s. It’s pure CSS, so new posts are automatic.

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Lol… Too funny. :rofl:


“Eternity: that’s how I’d describe the time we spent in B3.
Verifying the letters of each textbook numbed me, but Norman took to it like a durtle to distraction.”


Vowing to never sleep until he solved the jiddle, Norman never stopped.
Volatile he became, though, as time went by. He'd lashed out at me when I tried to help.


Oh. So that’s what that e-mail was about. Thought it weird since I had never gotten a level-up e-mail before.
Also, does anyone know why I got a level 9 e-mail when I leveled up into 10? Anything related to the forums not displaying the correct levels?

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sorry to be off topic but you can send them an email about the stickers anyway.

I didn’t get that email either but back then I thought it’s maybe because I don’t live in the US or whatever. And when I found out that that is wrong, it felt too late to ask for them. Go get your stickers! :wink:

I still got no level up mails but other WK mails are working fine for me. Whatever… But it is a shame, those mails look like some little extra fun. I always thought there should be more mails after level 3.


Let me check. I have level up multiple times

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If you have level 18, it would be useful:)

I don’t have any emails, but I’ve just done the toggle thing

Hm, but then you would only get the email for your current level, I think.
We already have level 21, but you can confirm the content anyway. :slight_smile:

I’ve just got the leve 21 email…

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So… with the clues we got… does it point to anything?

Maybe the first letter of every level?

Take the first letter of every line, and just keep one out of four of those (the rest is there to restore order from the madness that appears at level 18).
With the current levels, we have


So far. I tried “durt we burn everything” with and without dot at the end (in the level 60 message the dot is on a separate line, which is suspicious) but that didn’t work.



“Rest assured they made their decisions by themselves. They knew the risks when they came here,” said Norman.
Life can be over in an instant. But was it worth two lives, not to mention even one, in order to descend? Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something move.


I think one of the words (around the B3 eternity part) is LEVEL

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I was thinking something like:

         1         2         3         4         5         6
d u r t w e b u r n e v e r y l e v e l

No real evidence for that yet, though.