Hate this new(?) behavior

How about if you just tell me what the “new” meaning is right in the prompt so I don’t have to go searching in a new window to look it up?

Also whatever markup you’re going for there doesn’t work and looks ugly.


It’d be nice if it just acknowledged you used to be correct but the word has changed and gives you a chance to change to the new meaning for like a few reviews before expecting you to put in the new word by default.


yeah it seems like lazy way to program these updates. They could easily just give you a gimme on reading the meaning right away when you input the former correct answer.


Lazy Programming and WK, name a more iconic duo.


Is that <ja> tag broken always, or are you using a userscript? Because that could be something the mods might want to know about.

It’s broken for me, too, although I have a couple of userscripts running as well.

Not had to review that for a while so I looked up in advance what it changed to.

Rubber boots, I see. You should probably add the British (most common words for these): “Wellington Boots”, “Wellingtons” and “Wellies” as well then…

Hmm first link does not work correctly, because of the + looks like. It’s supposed to be “wellington boot”. Named after the General of course. Not that this will affect me I have already entered Wellington Boots and Wellies as user synonyms :slight_smile:

EDIT: I do agree the current behaviour is bad. If they can store a flag (recently changed) it should tell you what the new meaning is if you type the old meaning, at least the first time you type the old meaning anyway (so have a flag for “recently changed” which is cleared when it tells you the answer for the first time).


Hey ctmf!

Thanks for the suggestion, I will pass this along to the content team to review. As for the formatting error in the warning message, I do think a script might be causing that issue since I wasn’t able to replicate the issue on my end.

-Nick at WK


I don’t use any userscripts and I’ve never seen the formatting error. And I definitely agree with the suggestions to change this behavior. It’s especially annoying when you miss a burn review after doing WK for the first time in four months because they secretly changed the meaning.

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Dang it! That was the part I thought actually was a bug and not just whining! :smiley:

I noticed it again on a different item today and the markup… well I can’t say it “worked” in the sense that it made the text look any different. But it didn’t display the <ja> </ja> tags this time. So if it’s a script it’s got to be 10ten reader; that’s the only one I regularly turn on and off. Unfortunately I didn’t think of that until later, so I’ll have to wait until the situation comes up again to see if it’s on or off when that happens.


I’d be curious to know which script is causing the issue! :male_detective:

-Nick at WK