Has anyone used this book?

I’ve been given 文法が弱いあなたへ - does anyone know about this book? I’ve got the 2022 version, the first version seems to been out 2002 but I haven’t really heard of anyone using it.
It looks to me that you need a teacher for it but I’m guessing it might not be that common of a material teachers uses. :thinking:

Any thoughts and kittens are very welcomed!


Well, I ran through the reviews in Japanese, and one of them mentions using it for N4 students. The thing is that students at the N4 level usually won’t be able to read a book like this that comfortably – I mean, the synopsis doesn’t seem to use very complex words, but definitely includes kanji and structures that N4 students might not know – so I imagine a teacher would need to be present to guide a student along.

However, honestly, as with anything else, your mileage may vary: if you’re motivated and willing to push through the book with a dictionary and some online searches, things might turn out OK. You’ll probably also learn more that way. However, if you’re really stuck, then it’s probably better to get yourself a teacher who can explain those concepts to you, even if that means you’ll only learn what the book aimed to get at, and not whatever you might learn from observing how it’s written and how it explains things.

I’d say it’s worth giving a try if only to see if you find it helpful. I shouldn’t really be using myself as an example, but I think it’s true that a fair number of the more knowledgeable people on these forums reached our current levels mainly through self-study, so it’s not impossible to push through without a teacher. On the other hand, if you find yourself looking things up again and again and you find it too tiring, it’s OK to stop and use other resources: I read the prologue of The Rising of the Shield Hero Volume 18 twice with a one year gap in between, and it was waaaaay easier the second time. Sometimes you just need to go acquire knowledge somewhere else for a while.


Ok thanks! :grin: I’ve passed N4 and studied some N3 grammar but currently restudying N4 grammar as I don’t feel very confident in it but I have a few lessons with a teacher who’s quite good teaching grammar so I can ask her about it. :slight_smile:


That sounds great! One of the reviews said that there were some rather funny sentences in the book too, so maybe that’ll add some fun to your lessons. Hope you work something out! :slightly_smiling_face:


I had a quick flip through and the cover looks bit bad but the drawings inside are quite nice and fun, looking at it there’s some reading pieces which looks interesting and there seems to be a murder mystery in there so it looks like a fun and unique book. :joy:


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