Has anyone here reached level 60 yet

How long did it take you to complete all the levels and what were the results?



It took me about a year and a month.

The results were that I can read a bunch of kanji, so that’s cool.

I later reset my account.


I have seen a few people mentioning the account reset, but couldn’t figure out the reason. Why did you reset yours?

Someone was acting like they thought I thought my high account level made me better than them. So I just wanted to show I didn’t care about it.


Apart from the numerous level 60 members active on the forums (some having reset and some not), one of the creators of WaniKani posted this a year ago:



I’m laughing too hard i think i might cry


i suppose whenever I get there, i’ll evolve to become an even more in/significant fraction of a pixel in the space of the universe. (I’ve been watching too many space videos recently :expressionless:)


I feel persecuted by your level, pls reset


Remind me after I get to level 60 again.


I hope this is right😅

Yeah like that means much coming from a level FORTY-NINER.

[quote=“Leebo, post:2, topic:35833”]
It took me about a year and a month.
The results were that I can read a bunch of kanji, so that’s cool.
I later reset my account.

How much did you burn before resetting? I wonder how many people have finished, i.e. burnt everything. That should take at least four more months shouldn’t it?

I don’t remember. But it would be more like 6 at a minimum. 4 months is the wait between enlightened and burn.

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Not including my two “breaks” which totaled about 450 days, I think it took me about a year and two months to get through all the levels.

Can also read a buncha kanji and learned a good amount of words.

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Level 60! wow! congrats. I am level 2 :frowning: long road ahead, yikes!

I think it’s more useful to tell you what is NOT a result of reaching a high level in WaniKani:

  • You will not learn any grammar
  • You will know many words, but not all important/ neccessary words. It’s a nice start, but you will need to learn more than that.
  • You are not taught any listening or reading comprehension or the ability to speak the language

So you see, there is much more to do than reaching lvl 60. For a rough idea, I can advice you to first learn hiragana (you should already know them, right?), than jump as early as possible in grammar (I started at level 3) and then (roughly level 15 to 20) start reading (easy) texts.
If you have a bunch of time and feel a little lost, I can advice you to read My Journey of 368 days (+ The Ultimate Guide for WK open_book ) (from the great @jprspereira).

~T :lion:

Edit: In general, I leaned that it is extremely useful to just invest some time reading (and writing) in the forum. This can enhance your performance on very different ways. On the one side, it motivates, you can learn from the experience of others, you get new and good sources, scripts are just great and so on…


useful advice. Thanks :slight_smile:

Maybe “reading comprehension” would be more appropriate? I think we learn some reading abilities :slight_smile:


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