Happy Level 4 Radical Day


It’s 3/14. You know what that means!


I always have my slight annoyances for custom-named radicals, but pi makes an absolute lot of sense. Its radical’s meanings, “high & level”, “lofty”, “bald”, “dangerous”, are not really in the curriculum to begin with, so this is a simple, straightforward, and memorable radical name. So bravo. A 乾杯 to 兀, our pi-looking friend.


EDIT: Never mind, I won’t rain on the parade.


All you have to do is travel back in time! I don’t see whats so difficult about that.


It was a different nitpick than that, haha. I was going to argue about “real radicals and fake radicals” but I don’t think it’s the right place.


Happy :pie: day!


i 8 sum pi :durtle_the_explorer:



But if you did, it’d be your 3.14 cents. :wink:


Happy 14/3 day :upside_down_face:
I used to practice memorizing pi every math class in high school, but this is all I remember


And with that kind of precision, you could literally measure the circumference of the universe with an accuracy of about one 1050th of the planck length.


That’s not nearly small enough


Just realized S. Hawking passed away exactly one year ago on Pi day


2π truther here.


Then why are you calling it 2π and not τ?


I have a shirt with that on it

I couldn’t wear it on the day, though, because I have a school uniform.


How I want a drink, alcoholic of course, after the heavy lectures involving quantum mechanics


Hey, quantum mechanics classes are fun, don’t you dare say otherwise!


Team Tau here




I double dare!


I didn’t get to eat pie today so I am very sad.


All the pizza places here were backed up with the promise of $3.14 pizzas. But all you get is wasted time… unless you have reviews to catch up on… Then it’s perfect timing!