Happiness Volume 1 (Absolute Beginner Book Club)

I don’t bother with the app and just use https://read.amazon.co.jp

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I am excited to join too!
Although, I may not be very active in the first week - crazy week at work then. But definitely going forward.


One big thing that helps you to see the correct content in the appropriate amazon/kindle store is to make sure your listed address corresponds to where you want to see content from. So make sure your Japanese amazon account is linked to a Japanese address. You obviously won’t be able to receive physical items, but for the sake of getting the kindle content it works. Others online also suggested using separate email addresses for the two accounts to block Amazon’s attempts to auto sign you in to the wrong account.


@Ashley77, @Belerith, thanks for the help. I finally managed to solve the problems. I managed to get into the Japanese kindle app and managed to get to buying the book. I couldn’t before because I hadn’t set a Japanese address up, so when I clicked on “buy”, it didn’t do anything (it could at least warn you :frowning: ).

In any case, I wanted to buy the book, but it’s not on sale anymore. :neutral_face:

I won’t be able to join you guys this time, I’m very sorry. Have lots of fun, everybody!

(Does anybody know how to still get the book for free?)


Free ebooks come back from time to time, so if you don’t mind waiting, it’ll become free again at some point. That will be after the book club has read it. :confused:

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@Sunstorm did you try マンガご飯 ? :eyes:

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@Sunstorm Do you have a way for someone to pm you? I’m on Bunpro under the same name if you are able to pm me there. I may be able to help you out.

I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon, so count me in :vampire:


I didn’t know about Bunpro, but I just created an account and I’m already in love. Thanks for sharing its existence!

I’ve been looking around and I can’t find a way to PM you through it though. I used the same account name there, so if you know how to do it I would be really greatful if you could contact me and help me out.


You should be able to find your messages here. I’ve sent you one. :slight_smile:



My copy of the book came yesterday, and I’m already realizing how much I don’t know :joy:


Hey, no worries. I had to ask which way to start on the page… and in the speech bubbles. :flushed: :pleading_face:


Even by the time we got to the end of Volume 1, I found I was still getting it wrong sometimes when it came to the correct order of reading the panels within the page or the speech bubbles within a panel! Maybe I just need to stop reading left to right languages for a while.


Although the manga doesn’t necessarily look like the type of thing I’d normally read, I think I will try to participate in the club to get some reading experience. Should be fun discussing the manga at the very least


I just bought the first two manga I’ve ever read…both in Japanese! I never had interest but they are perfect for setting up all the context you need to comprehend the writing. The other one I got is the first volume of Yotsubato and I have to say it turns out to be delightfully amusing and worth the read!


I definitely enjoy poking through Yotsubato, it just feels so infectiously good.


anyone ~happy~ to be reading happiness?


my first Japanese book club

let’s go!


Week one begins!


in japan you can bought it for 43 yen which is like 40 cents I guess

Due to chronic illness i have big problems with motivation, and also with self-esteem also when it comes to japanese, so despite being between n4-n3 with some n2 grammar knowledge i hesitated joining a book club, but well… i wanted to read happiness in english at some point so i’m glad that it turned out it’s beginner friendly manga in japanese <3 I’m a bit late to the party but ill try to catch up! :blush:
Good luck everyone, and hi! (First post on community forums → DONE!)