Handwriting check?

give critique :smiley: (level 7 radicals)


One thing I notice is that in some of them, the lower right side “hook” is not present. For instance, 舟, 周, and 己.

Any kind of practice is fine, of course, but I would recommend practicing full kanji (as opposed to just radicals) by looking at a handwriting font (as opposed to the print fonts that tend to be the default on computers).

I use the site kakijun.jp for checking how to write characters.


Not sure what exactly you are looking for but …

  • maybe use some paper that allows you to keep the characters in proportion => simple square or 2x2 square or something similar
  • check out stroke order, e.g. 氏 which is 4 strokes not 5

Apart from that, I think @Leebo senpai gave some more advice and some helpful link :slight_smile:


On Jisho you can see the stroke order:

(just a random example)

Love seeing other people write! It’s so satisfying when you finally can write characters without looking up the stroke order ^^

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well at the very least, i recognised them all!
are you using a byro? maybe a nice gel pen or liquid ink ball point would give you smoother lines?

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This is a good start! Theyr’e all recognizable, though there are some mistakes that others have pointed out already. I second the recommendation that you get some paper that allows you to keep the characters in a square; there is paper made specifically for this purpose that japanese people use in school to practice kanji called 原稿用紙 (genkouyoushi). Not sure if you’re in the US but I was able to find some on Amazon.

When you practice, go slow and really focus on getting the proportions of the lines as correct as possible. I would also install a handwriting font and practice based on that – if you try to copy regular printed characters exactly your handwriting won’t look quite right (think about how printed vs. handwritten characters look in English, your handwriting would look very bizarre if you just tried to copy typewritten letters exactly. Same idea in Japanese)

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I follow Bunkai_shodo on Instagram. Which granted typically has way higher kanji than level 7, but it allows me to see stroke order in action.