Halloween/ Spooky Summer Reading Club 👻 🎃 🌞 // Now Reading: 夏と花火と私の死体

The poll closed and the winner is 予言の島! :tada:

Some prefer to start in July and some in August, but since the overwhelming majority prefers reading at their own pace, I’ll make sure the thread is up within the next few days, and then everyone can start reading whenever they like. Let me know if you have any different thoughts on that.

Looking forward to reading with you all :slight_smile:


The 予言の島 thread is up!

Feel free to start reading whenever it’s convenient for you. All discussion will take place in the above thread, so don’t forget spoiler tags!


The multiple vote polls seem to be broken across Discourse. Fortunately I took a screenshot right after closing. Here it is:

@mods Polls across the forum that allow multiple votes suddenly only show one vote per voter.


Hey omk3! Thanks for the ping. I’ll be reaching out to Discourse support for this one! It seems to be a widespread issue like you mentioned.

-Nick at WK


Just a quick update! I have sent Discourse an email about the polls.

-Nick at WK


Thank you!

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Kadokawa horror books are on sale on Bookwalker until August 24 in case you want to stock up for Halloween! :smiley:

There’s also a 45% coin back for purchases over 1500 yen until August 17, and I’m sure the two can be combined for even more profit :+1:


Just did so :rofl:


Today I went to BookOff and accidentally bought a horror book, as it seems :rofl:
I bought it because (a) I was intrigued by the author’s name and (b) it sounded like a murder mystery to me (oh and (c) because it was only 1 €), but looking at Biblio’s review on Natively it’s a horror book - and it sounds like the writing could be better? Sorry fellow book club members, but now that I own it, I need to read it at some point!


(my book cover looks different though)

Author: 乙一 (おついち)
Page count: 224
Natively level: 28


I have actually no idea what this book is about :sweat_smile:


Available on many platforms, see https://bookmeter.com/books/580047

Why do you recommend this book?

  • I own it now :rofl:
  • Also, it seems to be an easy read according to the Natively gradings.
  • And it is very cheap on Bookwalker
  • But the writing seems to be a bit long-winding and repetitive? (see the Natively reviews: 夏と花火と私の死体 | L28)

Reading Sample


I want to say he’s known for horror…? :thinking: I think he also wrote Zoo

Edit: yes ZOO 1 | L30


The author is well known for horror and I think this is his first book, written from the point of view of a dead girl if I remember correctly?
I’ve read a short story of his and liked it, was definitely planning to read something else of his at some point :slight_smile:


Yes, you’re both right, if I had done my research I would have probably found out! Also the „my corpse“ might have been a dead giveaway :grin:


It’s September already! Who would have thought?

If you have any good ideas for nominations, now is the time, since we’ll be starting our next pick in October :jack_o_lantern: .

I think I’ll run the Halloween poll on September 10 and leave it open for a week, so that there’s enough time for anyone wanting to buy a physical copy (let me know if there are objections to this).

So bring in your nominations till September 9 so that they can be included in the poll :slight_smile:


Two more days left for Halloween nominations. I’m considering nominating an Aozora story or two, but I guess a (free) short story can be a last minute decision. It’s the novels that need more planning. :thinking:


The thing to watch with 乙一 is that there is “white 乙一” which are suspense/mystery stories, and “black 乙一” which are full-on WTF horror. I started reading Zoo but only got as far as the story 7 doors. This is about a serial killer who kidnaps young women and chops them up with a chainsaw. It gets very graphic. After that I decided I didn’t want to read anymore.


Thanks for the heads up. I was aware there was quite a lot of gore in Zoo, but I think the current nomination is safer in that respect. Is “white 乙一” and “black 乙一” an official distinction, and how do you tell them apart, other than reviews?


That’s something I have come across in on-line reviews. The problem with 乙一 is that he covers a lot of different genres so you never know what you are going to get until you start reading. I’ve read “Goth” which is defintely “black 乙一”, but I really liked it. “Zoo” on the other hand just seemed to be torture porn. If you want some “white 乙一” I can recommend “失はれる物語”.


It’s time for our Halloween poll! :jack_o_lantern:

You can see the list of nominations in the OP. The poll will close automatically on 2023-09-17T19:00:00Z. You have up to 4 options . :ghost: :ghost: :ghost:


Not much interest in Halloween reading this year :thinking:
Unless it’s too early to be thinking about ghosts and ghouls? :jack_o_lantern:


Yeah, sorry, but I’ve been joining so many book clubs lately that I really want to scale down a bit. That being said, that I didn’t vote doesn’t mean I won’t join. It just doesn’t feel right to vote when I’m not even sure if I can join.