Halfway through~why didn't anyone tell me Japanese was so hard D:

Oh man, my outlook on this has really changed. At first, I was DETERMINED to go through this at breakneck speed. Like, one of the first things I did was read the big guide and was like, pff, I’m smart enough, if this dude can learn all the kanjis in a year, so can I. And then for 6 months I actually WAS. Except, I was starting to spend like 2 or 3 hours a day on Wanikani/Kaniwani alone, and since I hadn’t burned anything it was starting to pile up to like 300 reviews a day.

Since I was also trying to keep up with Bunpro as well as my intensive classroom studies, this got out of hand and I started dropping all my other studies to take on more new kanji, which needless to say got out of hand REAL fast.

So I made myself stop taking on anything until I’d finished ALL of my reviews everywhere AND had some good Japanese practice, and also watched some anime or something in Japanese.
So I’m not going to finish in a year like I’d originally wanted, but I realized since then that that’s okay because actually learning Japanese is more important than being a pro kanji gamer.


Exactly. :+1:

You’ll still learn all these kanji faster than native speakers do, even if it takes 2-3 years (or longer). Always better to slow down than burn out.


I can’t even imagine going that fast for even just one level!

Although, maybe I lean a bit too far in the other direction.

“Oh, I’ve been on level 23 for 46.5 days, and I still have 7 kanji lessons? Eh, everything I’m reading has furigana.” (Except 「魔女の宅急便」.)

We have book clubs here! =D


I totally get that. Right now I’m just maintaining my reviews, not taking on any new lessons. Between pre-studying vocab for the Kiki’s Delivery Service book club, maintaining my WK reviews, doing homework for my weekly Japanese class, and actually reading native material, I end up spending around 2 hours each night studying as it is. More kanji is pretty much on the bottom of my list of learning priorities for the moment.


okay i might look into one haha

I haven’t been broken, yet:D
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