Halfway through - only 49.99% left

A few minutes ago I have just finished the first half of all Wanikani items. In Germany this is called ‘Bergfest’, literally ‘mountain celebration’ meaning that now the first half of a mountain hike is accomplished and the summit is reached. I hope that the way down the mountain will not be too exhausting :mountain:. (Unfortunately there is no :mountain_cableway: to Mt Kanji.)


Yay for finishing the first half! How long did it take you?

I see in your avatar picture that you are level 28? I would have thought that level 30 was the half-way point, but I guess there must be some levels with fewer items in the higher levels.

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Yeah, the later levels have almost no radicals and the vocab count was a bit smaller.


(which script is that?)

I am happy to be 1/4th done, according to my level, but probably even more if I check it how you do!
Yay, Bergfest!


I started on Oct 7th, 2019, 214 days ago. But lately my average time for level ups increased a little.

I have it as part of the new Wanikani Dashboard Cockpit script, originally it is Pep95’s Total Progress Bar.


Yay i am soon 28 as well… mach weiter so grüße aus Berlin

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