Half time show

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the half time show!
Today I will present you the tale of a man on his journey to learn a language only spoken by a merely 120 million people on this wonderful planet.

So without further ado, here are some numbers:

As you all can see, I have finished level 30 and thus I am halfway there to attain that golden badge.
I am more of a speedy user with an average of ~8 days and I gotta say I’ll probably keep the pace or try to even be faster (I just kinda like to hustle my way through).

All in all the first half was really fun and WK + Grammar Study helped me to tackle my first game in Japanese: Pokemon Brilliant Diamond.
Really fun at the moment but I have to search a lot of Kanji and words (which are coming in the 40+ levels).

Well, here’s to another half a journey :beer:


Sick progression my dude. I can only dream of your speed. :frowning:


Thanks but each to his own. You gotta find the speed that suits you. It helps nobody if one is running at the speed of sound like Sonic but can’t remember half of what they’ve seen.
So just keep going at your pace and let’s meet at the finish line :muscle:


Damn, how is your radical accuracy so high?! What kind of sorcery is this :smiley:

But seriously tho, congrats for getting so far! :333 And best of luck with the other half of the journey :cat2:


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Tbh I don’t know how I can hold it that high but I guess my brain compares it to Kanjis and sees it looks less complicated and therefore I can easier memorize them

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Hahaha, I guess that’s fair! My brain sees them as a nuissance and refuses to commit them to memory, even though they are simpler than kanji xD I even gave them lazy synonyms such as ‘eh’ and ‘whatever’ to get them out of my reviews, and yet my accuracy remains abysmally low :smiley: Always impressive to see people remembering them well :3

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