Half term report

Hello again - this is a little update on achieving Level 30.

As I said before I am in no hurry and at 66 somewhat respectful of my brain’s ability to learn new stuff. I am pleasantly surprised! It has taken me just under three years to get here and I am hopeful of completing the journey to Level 60 in another three. I wonder if it is as simple as that!

As you can see I linger, and I like to keep my leeches down, especially in Apprentice and Guru. I think nothing of taking no new lessons for months to do that. So I am now also sitting on just over 3,000 burned items which also feels pretty good but I don’t know whether that is good, average or bad progress. No matter!

Anyway here it is - thanks to all the posts I have browsed for tips and to everyone on this journey!

Right now:


They stink, don’t they? Makes Reviews balloon to quite annoying sizes.

Somewhat indicative of taking your time… mine was 2931 during level 31. It’s a respectable number, although it likely has started to reach the point where you’ve forgotten some.

Congrats on your journey! Way to go! :tada:


Congrats @chazzer66 san :ok_hand:

Great work and dedication to reach the halfway mark :+1:

Good luck for the rest of the journey :slight_smile:

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