Haiku Contest

Hey everyone,

I’m not too sure if this type of post is allowed, but based on the guidelines I think it is (though I’m not too sure).

This past summer, I studied abroad in Japan, and as a part of that experience, I was able to create haiku in Japanese. However, I want to continue write and read other’s work, and in that spirit, I decided to create a Japanese Haiku Contest. Each entry is required to pay a fee of 3 dollars (to cover prizes), and prizes are 50 dollars for first; 35 dollars for second; 15 for third. In the case that any money is left over, it will be donated as there is no intention for profit from this small-scale contest (more details of where the money will be donated will be provided if there is an excess). We’re creating a review panel of both English and Japanese speakers so either language is fine to use in submission. Finally, Each person can submit up to 4 haiku in submissions.

If this is something of interest to you check out: A Japanese Culture & Language Blog — 365toJapan


I am new to Japanese and this community. Is this contest for novice or advanced?

The contest is designed to be open to any age group.