Guys are so hard to understand!

(Disclaimer that this is all from my own experience with a small sample size, so for all I know none of this is true)
When I talk to other guys it feels much harder to understand what they’re saying. They do a lot more slurring and seem to speak a lot faster than women. It’s hard to keep up a conversation when I get ~20% of what they’re saying (as opposed to understanding >=60% of what women are saying).

How have other learners dealt with this? My current solution is to just keep putting myself in these conversations even if it’s a bit painful. I think the speech I’m encountering is on the cusp of being comprehensible input but I’m trying to figure out how to get more comfortable with it.


Oh, tell me about it. I’ve been translating a drama series for a hobby, and two of the male characters slur practically everything they say into a single featureless tone. It’s like… can native speakers even understand this?


If it’s on the cusp of being comprehensible, then that means more exposure and practice will probably push you into understanding it!

Remember that a common way that people (esp. men) slur is to turn あ and い sounds into an え sound. So, you have to use some interpretation/can’t take all spoken words literally. Just like any language :slight_smile:




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That’s a good tip! What I have trouble with isn’t really that, but more that guys seem to swallow syllables a lot.

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I’m pretty sure this picture sums it up:


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