Growlanser is a good game for practicing Japanese

Hello everyone. I wanted to tell you all about a little known gem that I have been using to practice my Japanese. Growlanser 1 was remade for the Playstation Portable(psp). In addition to being a great game, it also has a lot of voice acting. I personally find the voice acting very helpful when reading Japanese.

There is also a translated script/guide available in English. You can find it at the Growlanser Realms fansite.

The game is an rpg with a good story and a unique command based real time battle system. It is very different from the usual turn based fair. There are several other games in the series as well and some of them are even better.

I imagine that you could could purchase a used psp and a copy of the game quite cheaply. The psp system is region free. If anyone else decides to give it a try let me know. I hope it helps.


Are you affiliated with this game? :joy:

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I am just a fan of the series who would like other people to be able to enjoy it and use it as a Japanese resource.