Grave of the Fireflies - 火垂るの墓 (ほたるのはか)

Hi everyone,

I recently bought this book in following version :
Sorry, I can’t find it in “english”, but basically, it is “in japanese with furigana” but even if it is supposed to be with furigana not all the kanji have them (which I think is nice since I have to remember some kanji but not all of them) as you can see with the 2 first pages :

Now, my question is double :
1- Is there somewhere on the forum a topic regarding this book (not the anime) ? I have searched, but couldn’t found one… but I might have missed it.
2- If there is no previous topic, how many of you would be interested in having one ? (AKA will I cry alone or with some buddies ?)


I’ve been interested in reading the autobiographic (but slightly fictionalized) novella for a long time.

(I recommend this book for a deeper reading on the movie’s themes and why it is often misunderstood, i.e. it was never intended to be a tearjerker. It also contains a short comparison between the novella and the movie.)