Gratitude to WaniKani

I have to say, I admire this site more and more the deeper into it I go. Aspects of it are just genius, and whoever put it together did so with lots and lots of hard work and thousands of hours. At the beginning it was frustratingly slow, but the pace becomes more challenging and reasonable as the levels go by; I’ve gotten used to eight days being the average amount of time required per level, with my work and sleep schedule. I can live with that.

I’ve poked away at kanji for years in other ways, but this works like nothing before. Nice to see myself finally making steady progress, thanks to you…


Agreed. I’ve tried learning kanji since years so these beginner levels are very easy for me, but here I actually feel like I’m learning. When I see compound words, I know there readings so I can read them. That feeling when you’re able to actually read stuff, is so so satisfying and this is all thanks to WaniKani.


I feel the same. First few levels were particularly difficult being my first delve into learning kanji. Currently at level 9 and I can’t thank the team enough for how much I’ve learnt and actually retained. The feeling of recognising a kanji out in the wild is immensely satisfying.

I can’t wait to see what more thrilling tales lie in store for Mrs Chou, Koichi and Charlie Sheen. :grin:


Agree! I’ve been working at it since 11 Mar 2018 every single day. Some days more, some days less, but I’ve not skipped a day yet. Enjoying this journey as I take my time with it. :slight_smile:


Yes! I’m only on Level 6 but I know more kanji than ever :smiley:

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