Gratitude - An Ode to the Wonderful Durtles

It’s in my playlist actually, I’ve listened to it a lot already :grin: Above is also a great one with a similar epic-fight feel to it. The soundtrack to that show is just great.


“Clever as the Devil and twice as handsome.”

This is the quote that comes to my mind when I think about this durtle. This durtle is one of the most important ones in my forum journey…because it is due to a single post from them I stumbled upon WK’s “Narnia” (POLL thread) :grin: I was as stupefied as Lucy when she first entered Narnia :stuck_out_tongue: The durtle is @denzo san.

Denzo san is a quintessential witty durtle from Britain. Their wit is red hot and razor sharp. It can give you serious burns :wink: They are as geeky as they are funny and that’s a deadly combination :grin: If I was even 10% as funny as you are Denzo san, I’d be set for life :smiley:

Thanks for introducing me to the POLL family :heart_eyes: and Thank you for entertaining all of the durtles with your relentless wit :smile: I bestow upon you the title of Oscar Durtle

Note: The origin of Oscar durtle is from “Oscar Wilde”, the wittiest author I have read :slight_smile:


no u

no wit left to be found after reading that


screeeeee the gif wont attach and I’m too sleepy to fix this post
i miss you too, tomasen and i always hope that you are well <3


I second this. As a code contributor to Tsurukame (it’s open-source and does have code contributions), I totally agree. Thanks for sharing the story behind the name! I totally wish one could get a Tsurukame Durtle. :laughing:

P.S. If you’re on macOS, you might still want to get it! :wink:


A while ago the folks (including me) on “Level 21 before 2021” thread decided it might be a good idea to gamify our level ups. A good RPG has a good backstory. So we decided to vote and decided we were going to go with either a Pokemon or Harry Potter theme. A lot of the thread members participated and provided their feedback. One of the newest members on the thread weren’t afraid to show their love and passion for Pokemon rattling of the ways we can give badges to durtles similar to Pokemon badges. I have never forgotten that conversation and that is how I came to know @amagi san :slight_smile:

Amagi san is one of the most active members of the thread and community. They started the unofficial LGBTQ+ Bookclub, wrote guides in language tips and have been answering doubts of many new durtles. Their focus on inclusivity and welcoming new members is heartwarming and one of the reasons why our forums are thriving :grin:

Thank you for your kindness and contributions Amagi san :blush: You are an invaluable asset to our community. For being an immovable source of strength and for your love towards Pokemon, I bestow upon you the title of Boulder Durtle


Hahaha :grin: Let us hope they introduce them not too far into the future :crossed_fingers:

Thanks UInt2048 san :slight_smile:

“Let tenderness pour from your eyes, the way sun gazes warmly on earth”

- Hafiz

When I think of my interactions with this durtle, I get the above mentioned feeling in my heart. It is said “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” I know I am in good company because a majority of my interactions on this forum are with this wonderful durtle. They occupy the top spot on all my lists “Most Replied to”, “Most Liked By”, “Most Liked”. Today’s durtle is one of my closest and the best durtles I have had the fortune to meet :grin: It is none other than @ekg san :clap:

I met EKG san on the GIF thread. While we replied to each other’s gifs, we never really spoke to each other. On a fine day, EKG san took the initiative to send a few kind words my way on the Gliaawards thread. Thus began our journey on the forum. From nondescript conversations about Jams and shrooms to heartfelt conversations on life, I have had the pleasure of knowing EKG san.

I deeply admire EKG san. How much you ask? As much as Luffy admires Shanks, Naruto admires Jiraiya and Deku admires All Might. You can feel the warmth in their words when you are talking to them :blush: They are strong yet gentle and possess vast reserves of inner strength. There are very few people on this earth who can immediately put a cheerful smile on everyone’s face the moment they enter the scene, and EKG san is one of those rare durtles :smile:

EKG san is also a fun durtle to be around. They are one of the Big 3 Cats from the POLL family and one of the original reasons in my descent into Cataddict. Their artistic skills are top notch and they have a durtle army to boot. (In the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Do you recall that awe-inspiring image of Aragorn with his Army of Dead in Minas Tirith? Imagine something similar and replace the dead with durtles :smiley:) EKG san is such a badass and Kakkoi durtle, if you were to tell me they were the reincarnation of Avatar Kyoshi in all their glory, I would believe you :star_struck:

Their name is quite apt since they can relentlessly make your heart go Waku Waku and Doki Doki :grin: Beware of being around this durtle, because they can steal your heart :wink:

A single act of kindness led to a wonderful and fulfilling chapter in my life. Next time, do not hesitate to send an act of kindness, because you never know what could happen. It could be the start of something special :slight_smile:

Thank you for all your kindness and love EKG san. I bestow upon you the title of Kokoro Durtle



I’m so embarrassed and I love it. Boulder Durtle lol. I will write this on my tombstone.

My immovable source of strength and love of Pokemon is nothing compared to your love of people. You cheerleading and championing has definitely been a huge part of the reason I keep coming back to this thread. Love it here!


OMG! So many kind words! :blush:

You should know that you’re also someone that brightens up the room a thread with your presence and I’m very glad to have met you! :purple_heart::green_heart::orange_heart: ^>^


“There’s no fear when you’re having fun.”

Will Thomas

I have met this durtle in the “Level 21 before 2021” thread. They are a durtle with an interesting autogenerated name. They have an intense interest in history, books, games and languages. The durtle is @tankwidow san :grin:

Tank san embodies the quote mentioned above. You can see the fun they are having in each of their posts. Whether it’s their love for History (Bletchley Park), their love for games (Persona 4), their love for books (Mistborn series), their love for languages (Japanese) it makes you appreciate life better by focusing on the fun aspects of difficult things :slight_smile: They love Japanese with the same passion they love Programming. They are an excellent example of looking at art and logic with a complementary attitude :metal:

Thanks for the fun Tank san :slight_smile: We appreciate your consistent contributions to the community. You have earned your place in the WK history :wink: I bestow upon you the title of Rekishi Durtle


Hahaha :grin: Thanks for your kind words Amagi san :slight_smile:

I am happy you feel that way EKG san :grin:



Oh my god this is wonderful, you totally made my day. Thank you so much!


Note: This post contains mild spoilers for one of the arcs in the Original Digimon series.

During my childhood, “Digimon” was one of my favorite shows :smile: To the pre-teen version of me, it was a world filled with endless excitement and wonders. In one of the arcs all the kids get scattered and they are fighting hard to survive. We see them face the villains trying to overcome the obstacles. Almost every member experiences a miraculous save when things get tougher. At first I thought it was coincidence, but later in the show it was revealed that it was actually one of characters known as Sora who rushes to everyone’s aid in the shadows :slight_smile: When I think of this durtle, they remind me a lot about Sora. The durtle’s name is @prouleau :clap:

When I started Wanikani, I saw Prouleau everywhere on the forums. Someone new joined the forum, Prouleau is there to welcome. Someone is in a pinch, Prouleau is there is suggest a solution. Someone is celebrating, Prouleau is there to congratulate and guide them to the relevant threads so that they can get more encouragement and badges. Someone is feeling down, Prouleau is there to help them get back up. It’s like there were 10 Prouleaus running around the forum to help everyone. They did all that while also doing their WK learning, Japanese learning (other resources) and preparing a wonderful script called “Wanikani Item Inspector” which can help you tackle your leech items. (Leeches are the most troublesome aspects of your learning. If you want to eat Broccoli for improving health, but do not like to eat it because of the taste, What if there was a magic wand that can make Broccoli taste like Chocolate while retaining all the nutrition? :wink: Wouldn’t it be beyond wonderful :grin: That’s what the Item Inspector script can do for your leeches :metal:) If that is not the definition of awesome :smile: I don’t know what is.

Prouleau san is a kind and caring person with an instinctual reaction to help others as much as they can :slight_smile: Prouleau san will not turn someone down when they need help, sometimes at the cost of their own well-being. Even when they are sick, they keep working on improving the script to help others. Please take care of yourself.

I am thankful for all the times I and countless durtles relied on your help and guidance to push through to next levels. Your capacity for generosity is as vast as the endless sky and your actions are as beautiful as the serene blue sky on a perfect spring morning.

The more I think about it, I can’t help but feel…
やっぱりあなたはすごいですね :bowing_man: :bowing_woman:

I bestow upon you the title of Sora Durtle


What a deluge of kind words. :astonished: This is the most poetic description of Item Inspector I have ever seen. I just need to make a button to turn broccoli into chocolate. Do you want your chocolate white or black? Ok I will make a setting for this.

Joking aside thanks a lot. Maybe your poetry will convince someone to give Item Inspector a try.


These are the kind of script features I need in my life. Seeing my leeches is nice and all, but if I can’t eat them then what’s the point? :grin:


Hahaha. Thanks for your kind words Prouleau san :slight_smile: I was trying to think of what is the easiest way to explain the script to others without getting technical, that’s the example that came to mind. Easily relatable and understandable for most people :slight_smile:

Hahaha. Dark. please. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope it does. It makes their lives easier and also recognizes the beauty of your efforts :grin:


Nothing like a delicious leech that tastes like chocolate, though in your case it is vanilla flavored :stuck_out_tongue:



A loooooooooooooooooooooong time ago there was world whose name was lost to the ages. It was referred to as Neko no kuni. It was a haven for cats as they lived without a worry in a life filled with endless joy. Alas, the good days did not last forever. The land was struck by an eerie weather which made the cats fight amongst themselves. The distress reached the ears of the Kashikoi Neko, a sage among the cats whose wisdom was unrivaled. Kashikoi performed divinations and understood the source of distress. Kashikoi revealed the truth. The breakout of the fights was related to a Kanashi Seishin whose sadness was wrapping the world of cats in a web of distress. The only solution to this problem is to purify the Kanashi Seishin with love.

The news spread to all four corners of the kingdom and countless cats lined up before the Kanashi Seishin to show the strength of their love. Alas, the strength of their love was still not sufficient to rid the spirit of its sadness. Soon the cats began to despair, even the wise Kashikoi Neko had a frown on its face. The cats began to go back to their homes with heavy hearts. One such sad cat was passing through a village called Poru no mura. The cats in the village welcomed the sad cat and tried to cheer it up. The sad cat explained the predicament to the villagers and was surprised to see that the cats in this village were not fighting. The village cats heard the sad cat’s tale and a radiant smile bloomed on their face. The Village cats said this can be solved by one of their kittens. The konekos ran away and returned in a short time with a youthful looking cat in tow.

The sad cat took one look at the young cat and all its sadness was washed away. The bashful konekos started purring in excitement and started singing a Haiku:

“If anyone is down
with a frown on their crown
neko chan will croon
and worries will be gone”

The youth stepped forward and was introduced as “Mikiso”. Mikiso, popularly known as neko chan among the cats of Poru no mura was a gentle cat filled with love and warmth, and all your worries disappear the moment you look at them. Mikiso heard the story of the Kanashi Seishin and determined to visit it to save all the cats from distress. The sad cat, who is no longer sad, guided Mikiso to the location of Kanashi Seishin. The sage cat Kashikoi gave a wry chuckle, even it has lost the hope of ever recovering from this disaster. Yet, the moment Kashikoi looked at Mikiso all its worries disappeared and hope blossomed anew in its heart. In that moment Kashikoi believed that their savior has arrived and tears of joy ran across its cheeks.

Mikiso gave the sage cat a gentle smile and a nod before moving closer to Kanashi Seishin. The spirit looked at Mikiso and there was a clap of thunder and a raging storm filled with malice and other unsavory emotions rose from the spirit. The storm lasted only a moment but that one moment was enough to darken the spirits of all the cats in the vicinity. In the place of the Kanashi Seishin floated a new spirit full of vigor radiating happiness. The happy cat (formerly know as the sad cat) let out an almighty purr of joy and all the cats looked at the happy cat and Mikiso who was standing next to it. In that moment the darkness that has been cast on their souls during that brief storm was purified which lead all of them to purr in joy.

The Spirit looked at Mikiso and bowed. It said " My dear friend, thank you for saving me. My name is Shiawase Seishin and I come from a land far away known as Earth. The constant negative emotions from the citizens of earth affected me and turned me from a Shiwase Seishin to Kanashi Seishin. In my restless state I wandered across the space for a long time without hope before entering the Neko no Kuni. Please come with me and save our land. We need you to spread love and joy on Earth." The gentle Mikiso nodded in response without a second’s delay. He thought to himsefl “All the cats are happy and I need to make these citizens of earth happy too.” The Spirit gave a radiant smile and thanked Mikiso multiple times and started the spell to teleport. All the cats understood the import of Mikiso’s decision and fell to their knees and bowed their heads in unison. The purrs of cats reverberated across the land of cats.

Mikiso gave all of them a gentle smile before disappearing from Neko no kuni along with the Shiawase Seishin. The spirit smiled at Mikiso and said “Mikiso, my friend, I cannot convey my gratitude at your magnanimous actions. As a token of my appreciation, when you enter the earth you will retain your memories of Neko no kuni.” Mikiso gave a gentle smile of appreciation at the spirit’s gift. The spirit said “you will gain the knowledge of earth and its language. Your name will be converted to earth’s language as well. The citizens of earth are called durtles, so please take care of the durtles Mikiso.” The Spirit laughed at itself and gave itself a knock on its head as a show of contrition and said “Where are my manners, I should start calling you with your earth name. Please take care of the durtles, Trunklayer”. Trunklayer, formerly known as Mikiso, raised its head a little, looked at the spirit with a gentle smile and a glint of mischief in its eyes and said “Sounds like fun.”

And thus began the story of a durtle known as @trunklayer


Trunklayer san is known as the Cat Whisperer. They are one of the Top 3 cats of the POLL family. They are known for their legendary cat speak which is only beaten by their glorious kindness. Whether it is the cat speak or the cat pics or their kind words, Trunk san is a soothing balm for our souls. Simply put, they are a perfect durtle. Thank you for spreading the kindness and joy among the durtles Trunk san :slight_smile:

I bestow upon you the title of PURRfect Durtle