Grammar, sentence structure resources

I’m looking for resources that teach and review grammar and sentence structure. In an ideal world there would be a site that has:

  • graded reading or an interface with WK
  • translation to English with the touch of a button
  • teaches informal and formal verb use
  • has a learning path, i.e. starting out easy
  • free content (maybe not all of it, but still)

Any suggestions? I know of DuoLingo, Bunpro and Japanese.IO


Satori reader hits most of those criteria, but with a subscription fee for full use. I heard that they will have a learning path type thing coming in January, but right now it’s short stories with a built-in dictionary, grammar explanations and native audio. I like it a lot.

LingQ is similar but the interface is pretty confusing. There are 60 mini-stories that gradually ramp up in difficulty and have repetitive comprehension questions at the end. It’s free as long as you don’t save your unknown words, it’ll lock the dictionary function for free users. I went through 50 before switching to Satori and like Satori way more, but LingQ is an easier start.


Where’d you hear about this? I was already thinking about subscribing, but this might seal the deal if I could get some more info on it.

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In this youtube interview with the founder.


This is awesome, thanks.

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