Grammar learning books

Do anyone of you know if these books are good for studying grammar (they are in my native language) ?


Genki exists in french and is one of the best beginner grammar books:


I think for French language Japanese textbooks I’ve seen @Jonapedia recommend something from Assimil on the forums in the past.


Yup, I definitely still recommend Le Japonais (“sans peine”, it used to be) from Assimil for learning Japanese. Some people find there isn’t enough grammatical explanation in there though. @Akeras you can check their website for samples. The French edition is available both as a paper book and as an e-course. The e-course is cheaper, but you might find the book more comfortable to use. Either option is much cheaper than two volumes of Genki/Minna no Nihongo, while covering roughly the same amount of content. 100% worth a look, in my opinion

PS: I studied the course in French, so if you have any questions specifically about the French edition, I should be able to help too.


Is the CD and all the stuff worth it ?
Or i can buy only the book (clearly cheaper)

It’s worth it if you want to practise listening and speaking because that will help you know how to sound. However, if you only want to read and write, and are thinking of practising listening and speaking with… I don’t know, anime? Then maybe you don’t need it. I think the main benefits of having textbook audio like this are

  1. Getting used to the sounds and pronunciation immediately (i.e. as you learn)
  2. Having slower speech for the first few lessons at your disposal, which can help beginners

My recommendation would be to look at the download pack if you want the book + audio at the lowest price (€54.90):

Or you can get the e-course, which is even cheaper (€49.90) and easy to carry around (on a computer or phone). I don’t really like the interface though.

Again, the book alone (€29.90) is a possible solution, but you won’t have anyone to listen to and imitate when you want to practise speaking/listening. That’s the only downside.


Thanks,i bought it (it was the only one available in the entire city)


You’re welcome! Hope it helps you lots!