Grammar help 味わいのあるひと

Hell all,

I popped in a couple weeks ago to ask a general question about grammar practice, and some kind folks lent me some advice and said I can swing by if I had specific questions, and so I am doing so!

Today, a sentence about cooking from Zelda Breath of the Wild is tripping me up.


The first half is (I think) straightforward enough, “Thoroughly cook it together (to completion)” and then I get hit with the second half. Trying to wrap my head around the combinatorics of のあるひと is really what’s giving me trouble here.

If I had to nail it down to a couple things, I’d say I’m probably misreading “味わいのある” as “Flavorfulness” because I can’t figure out its context in the larger sentence

And I’m not sure about “ひと.” Jisho says a synonym is “best,” which seems to fit the bill, but I’ve only seen that written as 一 (as in 一番) So I think I may be misunderstanding that at well.

Thanks all, I try to figure stuff out on my own usually, but it seems more productive to get help from people who know what they’re doing :slight_smile:


味わい - flavor
の - replaces が and has identical meaning to it in relative clauses
ある - to have
ひと皿 - a plate or dish (of food), also written 一皿

So you have 味わいがある “to have flavor,” which modifies 一皿 to make “a dish with flavor.”


一皿 is not a counter for something?

I se it just means dish

Ah I see, of course I was overthinking 一皿. Great, thanks so much for the help.

I actually had this part right!!!

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