Grammar for hopes, wishes and fears

Hi team, I’ve been working on keeping a diary in Japanese and have been finding myself stumped at how to express feelings about hypothetical situations in the past, present and future. Sentences like:

“I hope Angela wasn’t angry.”

“I wish people wore their masks properly on the bus.”

“I hope the weather is good tomorrow.”

“I worry that he’ll just do the same thing again.”

I looked through Tae Kim’s grammar guide and didn’t immediately see anything that immediately mapped to this–I gather at least some of these are different constructions in Japanese, like “It would be good if…” but I’m not sure what grammar to refer to for the full spectrum. Would appreciate pointers toward grammar explanations that could cover me for all of these. Thanks in advance!

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For wishes and hopes, a very common one is “it would be good if…” which is といい。

と if
いい goodといい-to-ii-たらいい-tara-ii-meaning/

For worrying, probably しんぱい。