Grammar assistance, almost totally lost

I’m having trouble fully comprehending this sentence : 自分が女性である事や、長く休みを取れない事を考える。

I’m wondering in anyone could help me out ?

I think about being a girl and not being able to take a lengthy vacation (among other things).

The や is non exhausive listing for the two 事 (which both have relative clauses) and that are both the object of 考える.

cf このものやそのものを見ている。 I see this thing and that thing (and other stuff)

Edit. The above (about the two clauses) I am pretty sure is right. But I did some searches on 取れる an cant find any transitive uses, only が. Where did you get this sentence?


Kansai dialect likes to use ‚ya’ instead of ‚da’… so maybe it would be „Since I am of female sex, I think I can’t get a lengthy break” ? Not sure of that at all, just an idea… if it’s a single sentence that’s suppsoed to make sense on its own and out of context, maybe it might be that?

Wouldn’t that just be the potential of 取る? Using が with the potential is probably more preferred if you’re writing for NHK or something, but many young people will tell you that they aren’t even aware that some people think を with the potential is wrong.

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