Graded Readers in the App Store


They are based in Tokyo (Nakano). But I believe they print and hand-bind the stories on-demand, so they may not have an inventory ready if you simply stopped by unannounced. So best to contact them about it first.

Alternatively, you could use a buying service like White Rabbit Express, or a forwarding service like Blackship to buy and ship the stories to your hotel or pickup from our offices in Nakemeguro.


@maxhodges I just purchased “Ari to Kirigisu” from my ios. I am using an iphone7plus and don’t see any issues on this app. I love how the story, graphics and vocabulary were put together! Great work guys:grin::grin::grin:! Can we see Level 4 graded readers in the near future? Right now, the highest level in store is level3.


Yes there are plans for some Level 4 readers but we can’t get into specifics just yet!

Just a heads up that we have sent out the codes to the winners from the survey. Thanks to everyone for participating!


I suddenly have a level 1 book in my library. App present or have I bought a present for myself while drunk -again-?

PS: OK, I totally missed the “SAMPLE” katakana banner in the image.


We added in a sample for everyone so that it was easier to get a feel for how the readers work. It should be visible for everyone who hasn’t already bought Doushite Umi (if that is bought it replaces the sample). Sorry for the confusion!


Oh! I missed this! I’ve been looking in on the app to see if new stories was added, but only now noticed there where new comments here! =D

I LOVE the “hold to show furigana” feature! Makes it quick and non intrusive to double check if I got it right =^_^=