Graded Readers in the App Store


They are based in Tokyo (Nakano). But I believe they print and hand-bind the stories on-demand, so they may not have an inventory ready if you simply stopped by unannounced. So best to contact them about it first.

Alternatively, you could use a buying service like White Rabbit Express, or a forwarding service like Blackship to buy and ship the stories to your hotel or pickup from our offices in Nakemeguro.


@maxhodges I just purchased “Ari to Kirigisu” from my ios. I am using an iphone7plus and don’t see any issues on this app. I love how the story, graphics and vocabulary were put together! Great work guys:grin::grin::grin:! Can we see Level 4 graded readers in the near future? Right now, the highest level in store is level3.