Graded Readers and Parallel Texts "Book Club"


Were there not crumpets? It’s been a little while since I read any of them, so I don’t remember.

“mounting the pavement” means going up on the sidewalk, right? It’s confusing because we use “pavement” to talk about the surface of the road.

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I don’t honestly strongly remember the crumpets, but apparently they were changed to muffins ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Oooooh, I thought it was the ‘mount’ bit, haha, don’t know why I missed sidewalk :joy: yeah, just in the same way you’d use it for like “the speaker mounted the podium” or whatever.

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Well, we do tend to avoid using the word “mount” unless we’re talking about y’know, riding something…

If they changed crumpets to muffins, that’s stupid! I think most Americans have at least heard of “crumpets and tea”, so they’ll know it’s food :woman_shrugging:

dat poor pavement

Goodness, I see :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:


Very early in my studies, my teacher gave me a level one collection from the series “レベル別日本語多読リブラりー.” I haven’t tried any of the later ones yet, but I’ll be adding one to my next Amazon Japan order. Can maybe report back in a few weeks. They have a few collections for each level.


@Radish8 @Saruko

As far as I’ve heard they changed a lot of things, against her wishes. But as a new author you take what you get (the original did get declined a huge number of time at first too O_o )
But she has gone back and re-done some of the changes later when she got bigger, for new publications.

I regrettably have the American version -_-
I found a suitcase collection of all the books, and asked if it was in English. The woman said “yes, I’m sorry” (thinking I wanted it in Norwegian! XD )
So I was thrilled and bought it! Didn’t realize till later that it was the American version. I have no idea why they sold the translated version here! We learn British English in school :thinking:
So when they first sell it in English, why did they curse me with the American version? D=

It’s not that I dislike the translation, I just want the original when possible (if I can understand it, I want the unchanged version. Same as with buying Swedish books if that is the original (of languages I can read Swedish is the hardest, well, except for Japanese that is :wink: )


I’m glad I’m not the only one who did not feel ready to tackle a story yet. Those level 0 books did boost my confidence. Normally when I see Japanese text, my mind goes “that’s graffiti…look away” and my eyes refuse to focus on a single kana. Today, I read the first level 1 and it is almost a story. A dog goes to Japan and does some touristy things. It’s not Shakespeare but totally inspiring my will to learn to read more.


Ohh… just finished reading the 47 Ronin tale in the Lvl.4 Vol.3 … such a great story :star_struck::star_struck: . … And I read there that It became a jdrama as well :star_struck: (will certainly look for that one )

I’m in for the last tale of the Ask series (Roman Holiday), but overall I’ve really noticed that the Ask series tend to be more suited to my liking. Stories have sometimes more of a dark, deep and overall adult connotations than the rest of series I have (Oxford / Taishukan)

I’m still left to read the last 3 books of Taishukan (level 4-5), but giving a quick look at those stories there’re only two that I’m really looking forward to: Nobunaga Hideyoshi and Sakamoto Ryoma (I’ve really got into these famous japanese warriors tales :yum:) The rest are more like folk tales and informative texts about different cities with cultural interest.

As for Brookes Oxford, they have been so far (I’m still to read the last book) more into folktales (though sometimes with a mystery twist) and a self made series about three youngsters… that have been a bit… … meh…

Overall I will be recommending the Ask series above the rest… will see if this change once I’ve gone through the rest.


I was browsing Amazon JP when I saw what looked like a graded reader! =D
And IT WAS!!

Well… Graded Readers for Japanese to learn English XD
Wort of between graded Reader and parallel text since it has some translations though =P
But don’t think those few translations help us enough to be useful… I’d read it if I had it, but not worth putting money on :wink:


That story sounded familiar and i realized I read it here:


I have it in at least two of my readers, probably more :rofl:

But that’s a good link! It seems to have been made by a student, so might not be perfect (could have mistakes), but I still think it is worthy of being linked in the OP! =D


I’m having trouble with the verb highlighted below. The character is going to Japan and will “blank” various things. It’s autumn and they are looking forward to it. This is page one from a level 1 graded reader at Thanks.


If you haven’t gotten it figured out yet, the verb is 旅する (たびする) - to travel. She’s going to travel to various places.

goes back to lurking


I see you got the answer already, but wanted to share this:
Every time I hear the word I get this song stuck on my brain :wink:


For me it’s Tabi no Tochuu that gets stuck in my head


Thank you so much, you made me realize there’s one in my city too!!!


That’s awesome! I love them because they often organize programs (for free!), and they also have this cool little library with all the tadokus and grammar books…

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Lucky! I checked mine, had…nothing XD
I had to create my own library :wink:


Thanks for setting this up, @Toyger, and thank you for not having any deadlines for reading (my undoing in other book clubs)! I have put myself in the wikified bit, and look forward to expanding my own wee collection with the other recommendations made here.


Thanks for sharing, i googled too and apparently i have a japanese foundation library in my city too. Yahoo! :grin::grin: