Graded Readers and Parallel Texts "Book Club"


Yeah! The ending threw me off as well!


I was like… wtf… he’s cutting the wolf open whilst he’s still alive
WTF… he swallowed the two people whole and they are still alive!

I’m glad it’s not just me who didn’t remember this, or this version. Either way, it’s nice that a story I thought was going to be dull had the ability to surprise me.

Out of that whole set, I liked 船 the most, I dunno, maybe cuz it’s the only original story in the set?

Strangely, the first graded reader I read was Level 2, and was doable… and then I went to this volume, and did the Level 0, 1, 2 in order… and… I’ve had to look up vocab in each of the levels, (the level 0 made me feel quite bad coming from a level 2 in that regard). But, what is noticeable is that the grammar really increases. Level 2 uses quite a lot of the N4 grammar I’m currently learning on Bunpro, whereas the earlier levels are simpler.


That part I’m used too. I’m also used to him being alive, and putting rocks in (in one version). But I didn’t straight up “couldn’t stand up and died”. That’s the part I hadn’t seen before, or can’t recall it being that way (I think he either went of in to the forest feeling nice and full, or met his demise because of it but not that instantly…)

I guess the difference in difficulty is that I have been more diligent with my grammar studies more than anything :rofl:
So it’s probably me, rather than the book. I’ll even take a month of leveling on WK to focus more on grammar and reading for a bit. Hopefully I when I continue again I can find time for both, since I have fewer reviews =)


I spent today reading all the free level 0 Tadoku readers (see link in previous posts). At WK level 8, I found them easy. They are not really stories though. They remind me of picture books designed to teach vocabulary rather than grammar. Level 1 looks like it may be an actual story. I’ll check it out tomorrow and report back.


Thank you so much for posting this. It was the final push that I needed to read my very first graded reader cover-to-cover. Amazing! :partying_face:

I read the first book about flowers. I am level 10 now on WK and a few chapters into Genki I, and most of book was readable with a little work on my part. There were a few kanji that are up to Level 15 or so, but they are easy to look up and/or figure out with the photos.

I never knew I would be so excited to read about red and yellow and purple flowers! :tulip:


I’m going through the Oxford Brookes book, lvl1. I just bought the rest of the series, and it’s about the level I’ve gotten too (I’m trying to go one level at the time, currently on lvl 2, and it corresponds to lvl 2)

I remember bringing this when I went to pick up my Toyger kitten Frodo last year, in May. On the plane ride home I was reading it while seated next to a guy that looked Japanese! I was so tempted to try to talk with him, but I’m way too shy to do that… unless he’d started it :wink:
SO I tried to make him notice that I was reading a Japanese book… but he didn’t XD (if he did he said nothing…)
When we landed he spoke Japanese with his friend, so confirmed that he was actually Japanese too.

But back to the book. Might have been partly cause I didn’t concentrate enough (in a busy plane, with a not so happy kitten in the cabin), but I didn’t feel I was ready for it then. Now, almost a year later, they felt somewhere between just right and easy =^_^=

I also bought Harry Potter. I will read it as a parallel text :wink: (have it in English. Actually, have it in American… what gives, America?! You can’t handle rubbish?!! Has to be trash?! XD )


i recived the first oxford book a few days ago. so far this is my favourit graded reader, i have to say. it looks beautiful. i can’t read it though XD still to difficult.

i like, that it is a whole book and not eqch story in a small booklet like with the ask series


I liked the one about flowers because I learned the word for purple, which doesn’t show up in beginner textbooks for some reason 紫


Bought my first graded reader’s last week on the iOS White Rabbit app. Started with the bat story and it was a ton of fun reading, even though it was a bit on the easy side. The narrator is so good. I was excited since I was doubting my ability to understand, but I even tried a level 2 story and didn’t have too much difficulties with it either. (just some kanji I didn’t know but could infer the meaning). The grammar isn’t that advanced yet, so maybe I’ll try level 3, soon! Although it will probably have a lot of unknown kanji…


Yeah, agree! I have almost everything (some more on the way too, lol!) and visually it is very pleasing!
It’s also not too text heavy, so when ready for the difficulty it can be read in just a few days (I’ve done 3/5 stories, started yesterday =P )

It feels more like I’ve read a whole book, even though one graded reader box with 5 leaflets probably have the same amount of words :rofl:
It just… feels more proper =P


I LOVE the bat story! It is my second fav of all the graded readers I have. My fav is the lvl 0 in the app store :rofl: (Which I why I love the app so much :wink: SO many readers, yet my two faves are there)

I remember I struggled a bit with the girl and the painter story in the app store when I first read it. I felt I could possibly guess what was happening, but wasn’t sure. When I read it again much later it felt so much easier, and could confirm I had it right =^_^=

The lvl 3 stories are sitting and waiting for me, but haven’t tried them yet. I’ll work my way up to them 8have so much lvl 2 sitting!) but if I were to skip ahead and do lvl 3 reading before finishing lvl 2, those would be it =^_^=


I have bought a few graded readers but never really like any. What I do now is while reading any book in Japanese, I pull up the English version on a website like Website with manga in English. which turns my library into all graded readers


I read the first story in the Oxford Brookes Level 1 book the other day. It seemed to me more difficult than the Ask/Taishukan Level 2 books. There were so many words I had to look up (not always succesfully…). There were some bits I didn’t quite get (I can’t remember now…). I think the story did surprise me though.


Ah yes, I’ve actually bought most of my Mangas in double to make them parallel texts! =D
Complete set of Yotsuba, Chi’s Sweet Home, Naruto, Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia, Fruits Basket on the way and several other smaller ones :wink:

I have still to read most of them though :rofl:
But I’m up to book 7 on Yotsuba at least =^_^=


I kept pushing it off because of the difficulty, and only picked it back up again cause it was mentioned they where about lvl 2.
When I thought lvl 1 meant same as the other’s lvl 1 I found it very demotivating and hard XD
Now that I’m comfortably doing lvl 2 I found them to be about the same. But I think I’m ready to go higher too, so could be it is closer to lvl 3. I haven’t ready any yet so can’t compare.


Yeah, I think the title is the gravest transgression. A philosopher’s stone is, like, a genuine thing (if not a real thing :wink: ). Who the hell decided it needed to be a sorcerer’s stone? That’s just meaningless. Rowling said she would have fought harder against that change if she’d been in a stronger position at the time (and she later vetoed a lot of in-text edits / asked for subsequent reprintings to revert some changes).

Apparently the edits were pretty mild in comparison to a lot that cross the Atlantic though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I’d understand if there was something about the title only, that just didn’t “work” cause it had a different connotation. But the text is actually “translated” XD
I find it so ludicrously pointless that this is done at all :wink:
School texts, sure, everything else… WHY?!! =P

I understand better why Scandinavian books are translated within Scandinavia (Norwegian/Swedish/Danish), it is immensely more different! But even there I pick the original if possible, it’s more than understandable enough. I even picked up Kiki’s Delivery in Swedish to read alongside the Japanese (Cause the English was ridiculously expensive and didn’t find it in Norwegian)


I read the first few Harry Potter books in American, as my sister had that version for some reason, and a lot of the words were just very weird to me. The weirdest was “bangs”, which they used all the time, and I’d never heard of before. I can’t remember the other differences, but I wished I had read the original English version!


To be perhaps a bit melodramatic, I feel like you lose a lot of the cultural setting. What’s the point of reading things set in other places if you make everything feel like it’s set in your native country? Let them learn about courgettes!

Now that we're way off topic

I thought that the Harry Potter books in their American version still felt very British. There were plenty of words and phrases that I was unfamiliar with. One that immediately comes to mind is the knight bus “mounting the pavement”. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

yeah I realised but couldn't contain my need to be appalled

Okay, well I’m glad to hear that it still felt British. I’m sad that you missed out on crumpets though :pensive:

Is… is that a specifically British thing?!