Graded Readers and Parallel Texts "Book Club"


@Toyger, it looks like the key in the tracking wiki got a little messed up. Unfortunately I don’t know how to produce all of the different checkbox symbols, otherwise I would just fix it myself…


Yeah, that’s why I asked - I wasn’t sure whether you only wanted ones with breakdowns and so on. Maybe one category could be called ‘parallel texts’ and the other ‘bilingual books’.

Yeah, I also have one or two books which are just individual stories (also published by Tuttle), but it doesn’t really seem worth listing them all out? Depends how huge the market is, I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Before the wiki gets too huge, I have to admit that I reckon it’s gonna be more helpful to break it down like:

Ask Tadoku
Toyger 0 1
Radish8 0 1

Toyger 1 2 3
Saruko 1 2

Japanese Folktakes

Or something similar :sweat_smile: - probably with each bit hidden under a details tag?

Then people can easily see who else has read or owns X thing.


Perfect! Bilingual vs parallel text, lets use those two terms!

Also, your idea of listing, I like it!
Will make it easier to who has what :slight_smile:


I like this way of listing - then if I only have Taishukan, and I want to see who else is reading it, I just open the details tag for Taishukan instead of scrolling through the whole post reading everyone’s individual entry.


Cool! :blush: I’m happy to reorganise the current list if you want ^^


That be great (I’m on my phone while eating, so wount be able right now :wink: Also why I type like a loon :stuck_out_tongue: )


:rofl: bahahahaha! Alright, on it :+1:

Edit: done! I wasn’t sure how to label the Clay & Yumi book though. I ordered people alphabetically with you at the top :wink:

@PortCityBricks I think you may have just tried to edit the wiki, but if it didn’t save it might be because Toyger was editing at the same time - so if it didn’t work try again in a bit! You can see if someone else is editing a post up in the top right.


I didn’t save. I copied my edit and canceled, then went back in to add it =P

I made Clay and Yumi it’s own sub category, since it’s a list of books, all with multiple stories.
I went in and counted them in the ones I have physically (there are new ones, I only have them digitally so far, will probably buy them physically too :wink: )


For some reason I can’t edit it correctly…I am not sure if my phone is giving me problems or what… I may just have to wait until later because it keeps taking out what I just clicked in…lol…Oh well. I might give it a try when I get home…haha! Sorry, I hope it doesn’t mess anything up


Oh dear! I don’t think it’s messing anything up, don’t worry ^^ if you can’t get it to work just let us know and someone else can add your info :+1:


From a phone did not sound easy =P
I would recommend waiting till you are at a computer, or let us know what to add for you =)


I’ve not seen people mention “parallel texts” before these recent posts, but they sound really interesting! Do you basically recommend those for people who have already “graduated” from the graded readers as the next step?

(btw, I was going to edit the 2nd post with my entries and discovered those boxes are clickable, so hope I didn’t change anyone else’s entry… also, can I move the Oxford Brooks series from the Parallel Text to Graded Reader section?)


I LOVE parallel texts, so yeah, would definitely recommend =)
I especially love the series by Clay and Yumi of the ones I have.

Oh, right, Oxford books doesn’t have a parallel text, so yeah, we should move them to the Graded Readers section! Good catch! =D

I needed to finish the Oxford section anyway. Added one box per story (so people can show which ones they have read)


My version of Clay and Yumi’s Momotaro only have two stories in it. Maybe yours have three. But I thought I should mention it. :slight_smile:


I counted the poem as a separate one =)
Oh! You have more of the series! It’s on my “will buy” list =^_^=


Poem? I did find a song now that you mention it, I’m guessing that’s the one you meant. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I bought the complete package (ebook) like a week or so ago. They are up to 9 volumes now.

PS. Now I’ve wondering if there is a poem/song or so in the ones I added that I missed… :worried:


I bought the complete set long time ago, and when they get new ones I get a download link to it for free! I love how it keeps giving! It’s like having a Lifetime subscription to their future books :wink:

I also have their magazine, Makoto (or so), but haven’t gotten around to reading it yet. I only grabbed it recently when it was on sale, all the back issues included if you signed up. It’s on my ever growing list of things to read :rofl:


You know, it already really annoyed me that I don’t have that middle volume of Ask Level 2, but seeing it in table form is just… ack! I’d decided not to buy it because that’s such an expensive purchase just to satisfy my completionist nature, but this is seriously making me reconsider :joy:

Toyger, how would you say the Clay and Yumi books compare to the Ask Graded Readers level-wise? I kind of feel like I need some easier material that isn’t manga, and I’m wondering whether to plump for those or for Level 3/4 of the Ask books.


I have the same problem. I bought the complete collection of ask! but… there are a 3rd set on the last level now! D=
And I need the rest of Oxford, and the physical versions of Clay and Yumi’s new books (Though I have digital…)

I haven’t read them enough to give a just enough answer, since I’m still on the first book.
But my first impression was that it was a bit harder than the level 2, but easier than native material. (looking at it again, it feels easier. So maybe about lvl 2 :thinking: At least this story. Some are harder, and I don’t know how hard the other books are yet, but plan to find out :wink: If anything, I would call the difficulty “Just right” :rofl: )
But since it comes with translation it makes it easier to learn the words needed =)

It first gives you the story with translation below, then the same story again without it (so you can read it without glancing at the “answers” :wink: ) and a short summary, just to help make sure you got the overall meaning.

I don’t think they mind me sharing example pages =)
I’ll add how it is set up, from the first story of book one (also the shortest, they start with small, medium, large, even larger; at least in book 1 :wink: )


That’s really helpful, thank you!

Okay, in that case I think I will probably stick with Ask. I really like the look of the Clay and Yumi ones, but I definitely need something beyond Level 2 - and if I’m gonna buy anything at Level 2, it will be that missing volume :wink: I’ve read quite a lot of the most common Japanese folktales at this point too (although not Hikoichi), so I’d rather get something a bit different.