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So I’m a chronic level 20er. Even though I’m drifting more towards Chinese lately, I still want to learn all the 漢字 meanings that I can. It’s a great, meditative time sink that grounds me and keeps me from overthinking. It can be addictive, which is where the stress and burnout come in. I started learning Japanese because I finally felt like living. I figured “two years are going to pass anyway. When they come I want to know more then than I do now.” This place also reminds me of the gaming communities I grew up with. It’s nice to still have Forum communities. It’s also nice to have an online alternative to social media that’s still social. I guess what I’m trying to say is thank you. I’m a CS major so I’d love to find some way to Wanikanify Chinese learning. Options exist I’m sure. But this will be a great way to practice side projects and my hobby/hyperfixation. It’s either 漢字 or robotics. And yeah, meanings aren’t always 1-to-1 with Chinese and Japanese but what word truly exists in isolation with only 1 meaning? (I’ve been really into Buddhism lately so apologies if this sounds im14andthisisdeep)


I started learning Chinese a few months after I started learning Japanese (so four months ago lol), and it’s definitely given me a huge appreciation for Wanikani and Tofugu. Tofugu’s guide to learning Japanese has been been invaluable in guiding me on my Japanese journey, and I’m incredibly disappointed that I haven’t been able to find anything of similar quality for Chinese. Tofugu and Wanikani have made self-studying a difficult language both accessible and fun, and I’m so grateful for that.

Btw, if you have any suggestions for learning Chinese, I would love to hear them!

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Case closed.

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