Google account

Can’t verify my Google account

What do you mean?

I don’t remember my password and I can’t access the phone number or the email me on the account

You don’t remember your password to your gmail account? Or do you mean your Wanikani account?

Probably the Gmail account. Wanted to reset your wanikani password?

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Yes I need to reset the password

Email and they can probably help you

No I need to reset my Google account password

Did you try the forgot password function? If that doesn’t work then there’s nothing you can do

Yes I tried that

Then there’s nothing to be done

There are a lot of peculiar topics on these forums but this one is truly up there :thinking:


Call Mr. Google?

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This is like contacting Comcast for a problem with your T-mobile phone service, what???


I want to help, but I have not yet been hired at Google. Or applied. But when/if that happens, I will be back to this topic.


I’ve been headhunted by them, but haven’t taken up the offer… Yet…

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