Goodharting Wanikani

I’m mostly confused by your level of emotional investment in this thread, man.

Suppose everything you have said is 100% true. The people surrounding you are stupid, weak willed, foolish imbeciles who are bad at studying Japanese. Well then… so what? For almost all of us, learning Japanese is just a hobby. It’s OK to be mediocre at your hobbies.

If someone wants to muddle along and pick up bits and pieces of the language over the years, that’s fine. If someone quits halfway through, okay. None of that is sweat off of your back, right? Why treat those people poorly or be angry with them? (For the record, I actually think that the people here are generally probably more intelligent and dedicated than most).

I think that you should take a step back and consider why you’re so angry about something that doesn’t affect you at all, and also please consider your tone in this thread and how it’s affected everyone else. When half a dozen different people have said that you’re rude, it’s probably time to start considering that you are being rude. 空気を読んでください


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When I feel like my life is too good to be true. I come to this thread to harvest some negative energy. It help making sure that my life expectation is in-check with reality. lol


I don’t understand where the animosity (euphemism) is coming from either. Maybe he’s angry about something else and vents here, don’t know. Someone looking for a fight.


Meeee neither but I’m gonna stop engaging with it. Sorry for dragging that conversation on as long as I did, everyone.


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