Goodbye, WaniKani (for now)

Good luck with your life, we’ll be waiting for your return!

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I appreciate that you guys came to say goodbye to me very much! I love you all, even if I haven’t ever really talked to you before. Remember how important you are~ :wink: It’s too bad that some of my friends here haven’t been online today.

@unyuu1 stay sparkly and bubbly forever and ever amen. You lit up my world a whole lot with your sweetness.

@MikaelBaka you’re super cool, brah. Keep playing that guitar and pursuing your own unique interests!

@trunklayer I think you and unyuu1 both are my favourite users on this site. Just wanted you to know.

@FlyingPenguin97 hands down, you’re amazing. Stay beautiful and positive!

@jprspereira man I love you. I don’t know what else to say, but your flirts are :ok_hand:

@Glias I really like you. I’ll probably think of you nearly every time I pet my cats.

Lastly, @Sirfred131, I appreciate your analysis of me a lot. I’ll store it in the back of my mind and use it to better my personality and character.

I bet there’s someone I forgot, but whatever lol

I don’t know how soon I’ll be able to come back. I might never come back, but I will continue my Japanese. Maybe I’ll go to Japan someday~ ^^ Thanks for the kind words, everybody!


Alright, I hope you’ll be back one day, if not I’ll see ya in the underworld. Don’t give up on Japanese! I hope the seeds of metal will take root! Goodbye!


Ummm, why are you negating my experience? :no_mouth:

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Oh wow, that’s such a beautiful song :blush::sparkling_heart::sparkles:!

Thank you… it’s really wonderful!
A really nice thing to see as the first post I read after I came back! :sparkles:

I really hope you’ll have a wonderful time where you move to and I’ll be waiting for your return along with everybody else :blush::sparkles:!

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Oh, what a coincidence! I’m moving at the end of this week! But my next door neighbour is an acquaintance so I’ll be stealing his internet for my reviews.

Good luck with the move! I’ve five days to go and already living amongst cardboard boxes full of books…

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