Good reference for "set"/conversational phrases?

Does anyone know any good books / reference guides which focus on “set phrases” used in Japanese? Things like “How’s it going?” or “See you around!” or いただきます where breaking them down into vocab/grammar doesn’t help much and you just need to learn entire sentences to say in specific contexts.

I ask because the main textbook I’m using doesn’t really cover these. I’m learning how to ask and answer basic questions by plugging vocab into grammar points, but I still have no clue how to start or end a conversation.

There are a lot of blog posts discussing specific phrases (and articles like “15 ways to say ‘goodbye’ in Japanese”, which help make me anxious about using the wrong one), but I haven’t found anything comprehensive. And phrasebooks intended for tourists or businesspeople spend a lot of time on things like トイレはどこですかwhich are just “normal” grammatical sentences in my mind.

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The only option I’m familiar with that deals specifically with conversations is Pimsleur. Not a book but an app that really teaches and train you with being conversational. It uses srs in a way that things that you’ve learned in previous lessons will appear in future lesson after awhile, and you’ll be able to gauge if you remember how to say this or not.
They teach a lot of polite and semi polite conversation, and they have bonus card packs every 5 lessons with the same ideas just super casual phrases - so you’ll be able to learn what not to say in polite situations.
While there are the usual どこですか moments there, it hoes into complex sentences fairly quickly, and you can choose the level and lesson you want to start from. Only down side is that lesson material won’t open unless you do that lesson.
It’s excellent for people that don’t have the time/will to use a tutor like iTalki and such.

There are several series of written and narrated conversations in Satori Reader. You might find it useful as well.

I know these are not books, but when it comes to being able to hold a conversation, it’s best using a method that focus on doing just that.
I use the AI pronunciation and recall test in pimsleur, it quizzes you on the stuff you’ve learned. So many times I said the first thing that came to my mind after not seeing/hearing it for weeks, being sure I’m wrong, but I was 100% percent correct, pronunciation included.


I never tried it myself, but Marugoto was recommended to me by a tutor as a textbook that focuses on conversation.

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Maybe not quite what you’re after but I’ve used a shadowing book which does have lots of set phrases in it.

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