Good anime/manga for learning

Came across Flying Witch on Amazon Prime recently. Slightly odd anime. Witches living in a small, otherwise normal Japanese town. Not much happens. Slow pace. Yet strangely satisfying.

However I think it is brilliant for learning because language is simply and everyday (a pity it doesn’t have option of Japanese subtitles like Netflix). That isn’t to say I am understanding it all!!! Not by a long shot and I still need the subtitles but compared to some anime I am following a much higher percentage.

Only 12 episodes. I checked it out on Wiki and there was a link to the manga (free) and started to read some. So far the language seems as straightforward as the anime so highly recommended.


Is this the one you found?

Also, the art looks weird compared to the anime.

Couldn’t open your link. This is the one I found.

Yes art different to anime (although assume manga was first).

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It looks a lot better there, thanks.

This was actually the first manga I ever read :blush:

I managed it on my own a year ago (with a lot of looking up and not understanding everything perfectly), so agree that the language isn’t too difficult. I would say that it has quite a lot of dialectal speech though, from her cousin and uncle in particular - though they aren’t in every scene or chapter.

I found Aria quite a bit easier because it’s more “standard”, though I read that over half a year later so may have just been more experienced / advanced.


I have that in English. Been meaning to watch the anime.

I’ve got such a backlog of anime…

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Tell me about it, I have 1,144 manga in my PTR, and 449 anime in my PTW.

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