Going slow vs. going fast? The Middle Road

Once upon a time, there was great disorder in the Kingdom of the Durtle, ワニカニの国, as the Disciples of the Durtle, ワニカニの生徒, could not agree on whether it was better to durtle fast or durtle slow.

They went to the Durtle Master and asked him, Durtle-sensei, is it better to durtle fast or durtle slow?

The Durtle Master responded:


One student complained, “That is far too slow! It will take me two years to learn Japanese at that pace.”

The Durtle Master thought deeply and responded:


Another student protested, “That is too quickly for me. I just want to go at my own pace. Surely the correct schedule is different for every person.”

The Durtle Master thought even more deeply and responded:


ワニカニの生徒たち did a 退く to ponder the truth of these words.


I follow other directions users here gave me

the main point is apprentice,

I keep below 90, yesterday I did 15 lessons, today and most likely tomorrow I wont do any lessons because after some reviews today apprentice got up to 99 now :frowning:

It’s better to not overwhelm myself, vocab from level 37 took me 28 days, I just started indeed level 38.

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