Going monolingual

Well, I pretty much built my own version of the jitai user script via CSS and javascript in anki.

The way I went about this was to hunt down a ton of Japanese fonts, install them on both my computer and place them in the Anki media folder, and finally add each one as a separate CSS class (just named font1 - font[however many fonts I have])

The javascript would then randomly pick a number (say 33) and set the class of the text to font33.

I also added a :hover version that displays the default font (just like the jitai user script does)

The most time-consuming part of all this was to check which fonts would display

  1. on my computer
  2. on my phone
  3. even the more uncommon kanji properly.

I guess I could copy-paste the javascript and css if you want, but there’s not much of a guarantee any of it will work for anyone but myself :slight_smile:

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