Going From Intermediate To Advanced(Strategy)

Pfft, viruses? Literally the first link when you search “raw anime” on google gives you like every anime series out there. You can then just go to kitsunekko or some other website and get japanese subs, sync them up in VLC player, and boom you’re watching raw/subbed anime for free with minimal effort. Get ublock origin or something to avoid ads/sketchy sites.

If you’re so concerned about the ‘government’ or your isp watching what you do (even though I’m pretty sure they don’t gaf) then get a damn vpn and stop whinging, you have to realise you’re just making excuses for yourself here.

Mate, you’re sounding like some idealist with your head in the clouds. You wish to get all that for free AND keep your conscience of ‘law abiding citizen’? Come on be serious.

Yeah, by actually going through the regular paid routes. You can’t expect it all to be free man. It seems like you’re asking for something that’s free, easy, and legal. You can get one, maybe two of those, but never all three.

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I got it working! Just wanted to say it works great and can’t thank you enough for it.

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abema.tv is all that (their business model is that streaming is free, but you have to pay to see something specific; they do have a lot of streaming channels though, with multiple ones dedicated entirely to anime). The only issue is that it’s blocked outside of Japan, as far as I understand. They are also blocking vpns but maybe one of those can get through? Or one could just move to Japan :stuck_out_tongue:

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oooo, looks like you need to sign up though?

1: Wait you mean abema.tv right? Not ameba.tv. The latter is a kids’ streaming service.

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Yes, abema.tv!
Somehow my phone autocorrected that… :expressionless:
(ameba.jp is a blogging service that I browse once in a while; there are blogs with nice book recommendations there)


Farout this is pretty cool, they certainly have a variety of shows, and a butt ton currently streaming. I’m not in japan but using softether vpn it’s working fine. I’m also able to see something specific without having to pay so it’s not limited to just shows that are streaming. Thanks for mentioning it!

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Sorry to do this on your thread since I’m sure it wasn’t sure your intention (and congrats on getting super close to 60 :fire:!!), but it looks like we have some comments talking about sites that could potentially be illegal, and torrenting. We’re going to be closing the thread now before anyone else adds to this and posts other ways of illegally getting content.

Sharing this as a reminder from our Community Guidelines :crabigator: