Go matches, with Japanese subtitles?

One of the things I enjoy doing is watching Go matches on youtube. There is a channel that re-uploads NHK matches with English subtitles, which isn’t great for learning but I do it just for fun.

I recently thought that it would be a cool idea to start watching some with Japanese subtitles instead, but much to my surprise, I can’t find any. Everything seems to be non-subtitled or in English.

Little bit of a long shot, but does anybody have a resource for Japanese Go matches with Japanese subtitles?

I do to! I am bummed that it doesnt’ seem like most of this years 2nd round of NHK is being uploaded. You could try watching episodes of 囲碁フォクス. Its an educational go program. When they do interviews and stuff it is subtitled. There is also alot of text on the screen describing whats going on. Plus your game might improve!

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Ha, glad I’m not the only one at least! Thanks for the tip!

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