Getting through ✨ the beginner stage ✨

TLDR: I’m bored in the house and made a youtube channel for beginner Japanese learners!

I was debating for a while if I wanted to post here bc I quite enjoy existing as an anonymous faceless Calcifer, but y’all are the exact people I’m making these videos for and just had to share. Plz don’t stalk me :innocent:

Anyways I started learning Japanese last year and spent a lot of time trying to figure out how this whole thing works, the best way to study etc etc. and I feel like I’ve finally found my groove and have a lot of information to share. My channel will focus on study tips, resource recommendations and all the random little things like how the heck do you navigate Bookwalker. I’ve yet to find a channel that had all the info I wished I’d known at the beginning in one place, so I figured why don’t I do it!

I’ll be posting every Thursday, so if this is something that interests you I’d love it if you checked it out <3

Here’s a video of me praising :sparkles: The Almighty Crabigator :sparkles:
And this is a snapshot of :sparkles: my first 6 months of learning Japanese :sparkles:

I’m very new to the YT thing so please excuse my awkwardness. I’m happy with my content so far but hopefully my delivery will improve over time. If you have any YT tips for me, cool topic ideas or any other feedback I’d love to hear it!


やった!You posted it again! I got worried last time you took it down immediately :cold_sweat: Love the camera setup and nice lighting. Looking forward to seeing more videos :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :sparkles:


OMG you saw that :joy: I stressed out last time and deleted it right away, but I got my very first comment on one of my videos and it gave me the courage to share again :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And thanks so much! If y’all could see the wacky contraptions I have going on behind the camera to get the shot… :sweat_smile: Looking forward to my tripod arriving in the mail soon lol

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Hello hello! Today I posted a step-by-step walkthrough of how to use Anki! As much as I dearly love WaniKani, I found I had the need to supplement my vocabulary to make sure I knew all the frequently used words. So fear no more of Anki’s intimidating user interface! I hold your hand the whole way through, showing you how to set it up, importing the deck I recommend, and how to learn and review your cards :yum:

Also!! My my first 6 months of learning Japanese video got 2000 views :dizzy_face: :partying_face: :dizzy_face: I actually cannot believe it and kind of think I hallucinated or something :sweat_smile:


I was wondering if i could find you on wanikani here you are :wave:
hello alivia when do we hear you speaking japanese :wink: im one of your follower.

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uhh, that post was two years ago. so they might not be checking for replies anymore ^^

edit: sorry, my bad, i read the date wrong. it’s only a month old


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It’s Feb 19, 2021, not Feb 2019 haha

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oopsies, my bad! …i do get confused by how discourse displays the dates though…


Haha I was wondering if anyone would come looking for me on here, hello! :wink:

I’ve been practicing my speaking skills on iTalki and it’s going well so far, but still feeling a bit shy to post me speaking in Japanese :see_no_evil: I’ll probably wait until my speech is at a bit more natural pace. I actually held off on properly practicing my speaking for quite a while because I wanted to work on my language comprehension first, so I have some catching up to do on speaking.

Alsooo, I posted a video yesterday about what my daily routine was when I first started studying if anyone is interested :yum: Big focus on vocabulary and listening comprehension :books:


Haha I always get confused too, especially when the thread spans over multiple years!

I get you, im right here and i have started wanikani 1 more year before you did. I need to put speaking a priority i found a really cool routine on youtube but i need to make time for it.
You can totaly apply it for japanese This One Exercise Made Me Fluent In French (In 30 Days!) - YouTube tho let be honest the guy didnt learn french in 30 day he had a good knowledge before but still you can see how he improved.
I brough a patron for migaku , i think you can find it for free, you should check this people transforming anime or jdrama or any content on netflix in flashcard that pretty cool way to consume and learn at the same time, it a pretty cool plugin to pair with anki.
My routine has evolved a lot since i started , i tried so many apps. Now it’s look like that wanikani, nativeshark (cool fluent japanese etc but not worth the price), delvin language for listening very cool you should check it and it’s free. Bunpro for grammar it’s can be coupled with wanikani api. When i have time i do anime anki deck, and some deck made with migaku. Italki once a week.

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Awesome, thanks for the recommendations! I think that speaking exercise will help me a lot. Yes, the anime thing is called subs2srs, it’s a super cool idea and I’ve bounced between using it or using ‘Learn Languages with Netflix’ a lot, makes learning a lot more fun!

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