Getting (textbook) audio files to practice listening via ALCO

Hello y’all. So I’ve been practising my listening using an app by ALCO. Usually I’d listen to grammar explanations on YouTube or download a playlist but since I didn’t want to be using so much data each time (or buy all JLPT texts just for listening practice), I’d searched and came upon this app.

Unfortunately, you’d have to sign up (basic stuff like email but free of charge) because files can’t be downloaded without signing in to the app.
After downloading files though, the app will keep asking you to sign in but you don’t have to, as long as your desired file has already been downloaded from the center. The whole thing is in Japanese but I cannot say that it’s very difficult :no_mouth::sweat_smile: .

Perhaps you could download the audio onto your computer but I haven’t tried it so I can’t say but I do believe they say the files would then be in the form of zip files.

The main thing though is the download center where one can get the audio files for books like Kikutan JLPT N3, 日本語能力試験スーパー模試, 耳から覚える and パターン別徹底 (these are the ones that I use). Just in case anyone wanted additional JLPT listening stuff. :relaxed: does awkward ojigi

PS: I’m not sure what else I should mention :sob::see_no_evil:


Hi, could you tell me what the app is called and where I could find it?

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The app is called ALCO. It’s a mobile app.
Specifically 語学のオトモ ALCO(アルコ)in Google Playstore and 語学のオトモ ALCO[アルコ](アルク)on iTunes.

ALCO Official site


Thank you! I might give it a shot

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You’re welcome. If you need any help, lemme know

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