Getting down to 50 Apprentice

Looks at my 200+ apprentice pile

Are you even human?

Pro-tip: I found 100 Apprentice items a little slow, and 150 Apprentice about right, but more than than translates into an overwhelming number of reviews. Set a hard limit (mine is max 100 items in Apprentice 1, 2, 3, and max 150 in Apprentice altogether). And then drill the f*** out of everything that is stopping you from making progress while sticking to your limit. The new Anime Conext Sentences script should be really helpful, I think.

Depends on whom you ask. I have just been patient. I’ve not done any lessons for the last 55 days.


Yeah, I was just checking that out. I’ll install it in the morning. Thanks for the tip too! :grin:

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These are all helpful suggestions, most of my apprentice items are vocabulary from levels 20 onward, with a sprinkling of vocabulary from all the previous levels.