Getting Bottleneck in learning japanese

I Have start learning japanese since April till now, i have study the hiragana and katakana, reading and writing doesnt seems to have problem now.

but i have hard times dunno what to learn. verbs? particles? or volcab?

My mother tongue is chinese.

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I’d recommend getting a textbook

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totally agree. You need a beginner textbook to start

If reading and writing are no trouble, then how about speaking?
This book has translations in Chinese.

(sorry for the large image, just wanted the cover to be readable)

It sounds like you should begin studying grammar. A grammar textbook or online guide will teach you about the parts of speech and how they function together to form sentences. Getting a basic grasp of sentence structure will help you immensely in your studies as you move forward. Tae Kim’s guide is available in Chinese, though I’m sure there are many other resources in your language as well.

I think I’ve heard in here from @Syphus that there are good Japanese learning resources in Chinese. Syphus, sorry to tag you, but I imagine you can maybe give some direction to the OP in respect to that? Thanks.

I unfortunately don’t know what the Chinese Genki is. But I do know that the Shinkanzen Master books are in dual English and Chinese. I think Minna no Nihongo has a Chinese version.

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Yes, yes they are (the Shinkanzen Master books, I mean). When I first cracked one open, I was trying to read that first instruction page and it took me a second to realize that the super intimidating line of hanzi was just that and not Japanese I was supposed to try to read lol.


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